Thetford Forest in Winter by Philip Dines
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Thetford Forest in Winter.

i’m listening to lonely town by brandon flowers and this feels so weird to me now. how can this man sing pop, rock, funk, alternative and other genres of music and still pull it off? how?? i’m so amazed by this man’s talent. he really is THE MAN. i have so much respect for him and i’m so glad i chose the right man as a hero. bless.

…”He saw it in her eyes. The anguish, the frustration. The terrible nothing that clawed inside and sought to smother her. She knew. It was there, inside. She had been broken.
Then she smiled. Oh, storms. She smiled anyway.
It was the single most beautiful thing he’d seen in his entire life.
“How?” he asked….”

Decided to draw one of my favorite moments in Stormlight Archive, Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. :’)