I don’t want to rush you bt could you maybe do a ‘study date’ imagine where your crush is the tutor and is helping you out in a subject you’re bad at and are about to have exams in? Thank you!!! Love the blog btw!!

You sat in class trying to focus as much as you could to get the information through your brain, but it just went right through. The teacher was finishing the lesson for today so you could start doing the assigned homework but you had no idea how to do number one.

“Okay class now get started on the worksheet and remember exams are next week so be sure to keep up with the class,” she says while returning to her desk.

Part of the reason you were doing bad in math was because your teacher was crazy. Another reason was because (c/n) was in your class and the fact that he sat in front of you was not helping you learn math. You turned and looked at him, admiring him from afar. Suddenly he turns his head towards you and you quickly turn your head back to the teacher. 

 “(y/n), please meet me at my desk for a second,” your teacher says, not looking very happy. You approach his/her desk and fiddle with your hands nervously.

“(y/n) you have a B+ in this class, I know you work hard in school so why is it that you’ve been struggling,“ he says with concern. You sigh and look into his eyes, “I’m having a hard time understanding this lesson and no matter how much I study I can’t do it,” you admit. “Okay well I suggest you have a tutor. I suggest (c/n), he seems to have the highest grade in this class” he says and a blush rises from your cheeks, “(c/n) would you come over to my desk?” You watch as his head perks up.

As he heads over to the teacher desk you admiringly watch him. “What’s up (t/n)?” he asks with no worries whatsoever. You see him take a few glances at you but return his focus back to the teacher. “Well (c/n), (y/n) needs help on this lesson, would you be willing to tutor (y/n) perhaps for extra credit?” He looks at you and nods. “Yeah sure. She’ll understand it in no time,” he says with a small smile. “Okay great,” your teacher says, “now return to your seats”.

Walking back to your seats, (c/n) says, “Okay well class is almost over, is there a time you want to meet? We could go to the library or something,” he says while packing up his stuff. You nod and agree to meet him after school.

You sit quietly to yourself waiting for (c/n) to arrive. You look around, noticing there’s not many people here. You were quite nervous you were going to be talking with (c/n). You push your glasses up the bridge of your nose and pull out your math homework. You try over and over again to do the first equation but it still doesn’t make sense.

“Need some help?”, (c/n) says while pulling his chair out and plopping in his seat next to you. You jumped at the closeness in his voice and felt the butterflies erupt in your stomach. You nod and turn your chair and position it so it’s slightly facing him. “You don’t need to be shy (y/n), I mean c'mon we’ve been friends for so long,“ he says pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. You smile and nod again, “Sorry (c/n), I just get shy sometimes, it’s a little embarrassing,” you say while blushing.

No that’s okay, it’s cute,” he says, making the blush appear even more.

Once (c/n) took out his notes he began explaining the steps to the math homework. “Okay so once you distribute the number to the parenthesis, you combine the like terms and write it out again as a whole,” you write it out as he explains it. You try the first problem again and this time, it was a piece of cake.

“Wow thank you so much (c/n) I really appreciate it. Sorry for taking up your free time but-” you were cut off by (c/n) saying, “you didn’t take up my free time. I wanted to help you. But maybe you can repay me by giving me your number,“ he says biting his lip anxiously.

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion. “Wh-why do you want my number (c/n)?,” you ask nervously. He chuckles and replies,“so I can ask you out on a date later this week, is that okay with you?” With words not being able to form you simply nod. He laughs once again and says, “you’re too cute (y/n),“ and you take out your phone and allow him to put in his number. You notice him text himself something before locking it and returning it back to you. He grabs his stuff, shoving it all into his backpack and he says, “Well I’ll see you tomorrow in class (y/n), I’ll text you later,” and after that he winks and walks out of the library.

Once you got home from finishing the now easy math homework, you went upstairs and laid down on your bed. You finally have the time to check your phone after a long day. You look at the text (c/n) sends himself and it says,

(c/n) you’re the cutest guy ever

You notice he also texted back.

Aww thanks cutie

You blush at the fact that he would text himself that and you notice he’s put his name as ’(c/n)❤️’.

Your cheeks blush again. What was this boy doing to you.

SORRY this one is really short but idk I just didn’t want it to be typical where they kiss so I just wanted it to be slow and innocent. I love you guys so much I have like mid 500 followers and that is so amazing. Next imagine next week maybe idk.

are we going to pretend like harry and louis haven’t outed themselves over and over again? We don’t even need receipts, we have enough of them already.

we HAVE pictures..people just choose to ignore them.