It’s been a beautiful day around here so I hiked down to my creek this afternoon. After picking up a bunch of fossils and enough beaver-chewed sticks to build my own dam I spotted this possum skull sticking up out of a gravel bar. When I first saw it I figured it would just be part of the skull since opossum skulls are so fragile and usually fall to pieces but that wasn’t the case with this little beauty! I pulled it out and not only was the skull intact but the lower jaws and most of the teeth were still with it!

I decided since it was so intact that there might still be some more bones below it so I started digging and sure enough, pulled up almost the entire skeleton out of the sand and gravel!

Super cool find! I guess my new skull bag is lucky for finding bones, haha.


robbolger: Three more episodes of Bones left. Thank you @dbdbo69 for the trust, loyalty, love and all around grooviness over the past six seasons. Can’t wait until the next one. “BACK” #bonesonfox

dbdbo69: You keep me focused and live the dream with me! Thank you for everything you do ! The best in the business and top shelf only with you ! Attention to detail is superb. You will always be with me wherever I go! This is just the start my friend!


Booth + Brennan | our family… by Jesscahhhh

Friend To A Friend.

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Pairing: Bones x reader 

Titled: ‘Friend To A Friend’ 

Summary: You seek out Bones for a little help with a friend you have and he takes care of it. 

A/N: This was requested by @bkwrm523 and the fact I opened drabbles! Which drabble requests are still open! Let me know if you liked to be added to my tagged list for Star Trek!!! 

Warnings: Mention of sex. 

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You knew what needed to be done. You didn’t intend on your relationship getting this far but now that it has you had two choices. To go on with it like everything is fine, even though it would make you uncomfortable.  

Or, you can assess the problem and do what’s best for you. The second option appealed to you more. You made up your mind but you didn’t know to turn too on the Enterprise. You could go to anyone really, but what you really wanted was someone you could trust with your situation. 

You chose not to share your little secret with a lot of people, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do sometimes. It didn’t take you too long to who you would go to with your problem. You headed straight down to the Medbay before your shift started. 

Luckily, Bones didn’t appear too busy with anything so you walked straight up to him. Bones looked up and saw you and looked a little stifled. “Hey, Y/N are you alright? What you are doing here?” Bones said concern scorning his features. 

“I’m fine but I have a sort of personal problem. Could we talk in private?” You said hoping that was possible. Bones nodded his head and you two walked out of there together. “What’s on your mind, darling?” Bones asked seriously wanting to know what was up with you. 

“It’s about this guy…” You said starting off and Bones knew where this conversation was going. You and Bones were like brother and sister, and Bones would do anything for his sister, no matter what. “And Leonard I’m demisexual and he’s not my type. He’s about as sexually exciting as a cactus.” You said just deciding just to come out with it. 

“You’re what now?” Bones asked raising an eyebrow clearly confused. “I’m demisexual. It means I am not attracted to someone I have an emotional attachment too.” You said trying to explain. Bones seemed to understand what you were saying. 

“And this has to do with me how?” Bones questioned you. “That’s the thing i want you to talk to him and say that there’s no point in trying with Y/N because she’s…I don’t know come up with something!” You said exasperate at this point and only hoping you weren’t hoping for too much. 

“You want me to lie to this guy for you so you don’t have to sex?” Bones asked you trying to make things simple. “If that’s how you want to put it then yes.” You said trying to use your cutesy smile with him. Bones rolled his eyes and sighed at you. He didn’t know what he was going to do with you. 

But, he couldn’t say no to you either. “I’ll do it.” Bones said knowing that would make your day. You gasped and gave Bones the biggest hug. “Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it.” You squealed happily. “No problem, darling and I am glad you came to me with this and know that you can come to me with anything and I’ll take care of it.” Bones said promising you that. 

“Thanks Bones.” You said nodding your head a little. You could always rely on Bones, no matter what. 

The End!! Requests for drabbles are still open!!

Soooo a little bit of speculation

Sunnie and the twins were shooting at a secret location. Usually secret locations are places that - if seen - reveal too much of the ep (eg: hospitals and graveyards are the first thing that come to my mind. Or a church for weddings/funerals.) Today a guest star dressed as a nurse said she had fun on set and that the episode was gonna win an emmy. So that leaves us with…hospital? Also a couple of days ago DB posted that vid on instagram. What the hell are they shooting?? The kids always shoot at BB house, this means something big must happen with their immediate family.