the best thing about the radioactive necklace is that spock would be mortified for uhura to find it out but the thing is the second after they were all safe and having a drink, bones runs up to Uhura and before she can ask him anything he’s just like you’ll nE VER GUESS WHAT THAT GREENBLOODED BOYFRIEND OF YOURS JUST DI D 


Ways to know if the people who made the comic have thoroughly watched TOS:

-Bones having to tell Jim to chill out about Spock. Again.

-Crew members getting thrown around in dramatic poses.

-Dramatic close ups of Captain Kirk’s face (preferably with sexy eye light).

-Kirk losing his mind and lurking in the dark worrying about Spock and reflecting on the black hole abyss that his life will surely become without him. Again. 

-Kirk being a bitch to/manhandling anyone who dares to go near him when Spock is in peril.

-Jim bemoaning not listening to Spock about something. Again. 

-Jim putting the heat under Scotty when he’s up to his eyeballs in the shit. No pressure, seriously.

-Jim waiting for Spock like a Golden Retriever. 

-Bones following Jim all over the ship when he is, you know, supposed to be in sickbay but never seems to be there. Yeah yeah yeah I know he called him there, but lets be real, that Southern bastard is totally free range. 

-Everyone shitting their pants when Spock comes home.

-McCoy desperately trying to get anything out of Spock and having the audacity to expect it when Spock never gives him a God damn inch. 

-Jim talking about being happy Spock is home and trying to get Bones in on it. 

-Bones having none, none, NONE, of their horseshit. (Seriously is that last panel not bulls-eye McCoy?) 

Added bonus: Torn shirt Spock. Seriously, way to turn the tables there, bravo.

Ways to know if you like Star Trek too much: look in the mirror. Am I me? Yup, I fucking like Star Trek too much.