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B.I & Bobby for NONA9ON
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update on KHIPHOP-NET!


cuz school is starting in a few months and I’ll need someone to help out for sure. I run NetworkBangtan with Admin N already but with all the attention I’m seeing KHH is getting with SMTM4 and including my growing interest in khiphop/r&b, I think a network will be useful and fun!

In reality, the network will also support solo rappers/r&b artists and some idol groups who are geared towards hiphop as well, so if you want to apply but aren’t a KHH blog only, that’s cool!

IF YOU LIKE HIPHOP AND YOU KEEP IT TRILL : APPLY HERE for the CO-ADMIN position | reblog if interested to get the word out!


iKON: Your Next Favorite K-pop Boy Band

Name: iKON

Where They’re From: Seoul, South Korea

Genre: K-pop, hip-hop, R&B, soul

For Fans Of: Big Bang, Drake, Big Sean, Frank Ocean

Sounds Like: An underground rap battle mixed with the gleaming, futuristic sounds of Seoul.

Korean boy band iKON is proof that perseverance pays off. Under the banner of Team B, together Bobby, B.I., Kim Jinhwan, Goo Junhoe, Song Yunhyeong, and Kim Donghyuk faced off against WINNER in the 2013 music competition, WIN: Who Is Next? The coveted prize of the show was the opportunity to debut as artists under YG Entertainment—a dream for aspiring bands who can toil for years as trainees, without officially becoming K-pop stars. However, the members of Team B were defeated in the final showdown, leaving their fate as pop idols seemingly in peril.

Although Team B was unable to debut, they did release two singles in conjunction with the show, an EP titled Win: Final Battle. The bittersweet track “Climax” paired stirring string instrumentation with pounding rap interludes, and the touching refrain, “No limit gon’ touch the sky.” Team B also delivered a version of the joyous electro-pop gem, “Just Another Boy.”

Their dramatic journey towards stardom did not end with their stint on WIN: Who Is Next? Bobby and B.I. were also contestants on the rap battle program Show Me the Money 3 as well as in 2014′s Mix & Match. There, they competed as iKON under Team B once again. Though prior to the launch of the TV shows, the group released the downtempo pop-rock ballad, “Wait for Me,” which implored fans and audiences to standby while they continued their arduous journey towards fame.

While the group is collectively brilliant, iKON’s Bobby and B.I. are standouts with skills reminiscent of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P. While participating in both competitions, Bobby received accolades for co-writing “Empty,” the hit track of WINNER’s debut, 2014 S/S. The dynamic duo also garnered additional spotlight opportunities when they appeared on Epik High’s old-school collaboration, Born Hater. Under the tutelage of hip-hop phenomenons Dok2 and the Quiett, Bobby delivered rapid-fire rhymes, spitting over killer beats of anthems such as “YGGR.” Bobby eventually emerged as the champion of Show Me the Money 3, defeating other seasoned competitors.

The road towards a debut was a lengthy one for iKON, but the boys are poised to be the hottest act in K-pop. Last month, Yang Hyun Suk, the head of YG, announced that the group will debut after the release of Big Bang’s MADE. After winning over the hearts of Korean pop and hip-hop fans with their reality show appearances, iKON will have their glorious chance in the spotlight.


I like Bobby, but I dislike the rest of Team B. There is nothing unique or lovable about the others to me. They all look the same, they sound like other idols and they don’t really have anything that makes them stick outside aside from being in YG. I really wish Bobby was in WINNER.