Bobby x You - Oneshot

request: hi hehe can you write an angst scenario whereby youre in a relationship with bobby but you found out that he used you to make good lyrics based on your experience with him and you felt sad and had a huge arguement with him ? thank youuuuuu ! ^-^

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You put your hands on the door handle, about to turn it around, when you heard the mention of your name. Their loud laughter was echoing through the walls and it seemed as if they were making fun of you. You drew your hands back reflexive and perked up you ears in curiosity. You felt a weird feeling inside your stomach, but you couldn’t tell what is was.

„Hanbin, you really need a girlfriend, your lyrics suck!“ Junhoe said in a mocking tone and the others bursted into laughter.

„It doesn’t even have to be real. Just do it like Bobby. Pick some random girl on the streets and confess to her. His lyrics really improved since he is dating ____,“ Donghyuk added with amusement clearly present in his voice. You shook your head as you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You took several steps back while shaking your head violently. You eyes trailed down to the white plastic bag in your right hand and you were overwhelmed with disgust. How stupid could you be? You went all the way to the studio in order to bring him food. You took care of someone who didn’t even care about you. Your chest began to rise up and down in fury and out let out a sigh while rolling your eyes at your stupid self. Tears shot up into your eyes, but you didn’t allow them to escape your eyes. Not here, not now. It was not the time to break down.
Suddenly the door swung open and Bobby appeared in front of your blurred view.

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iKON Bobby - I Promise

Anon Request: “hi hehe can you write an angst scenario whereby youre in a relationship with bobby but you found out that he used you to make good lyrics based on your experience with him and you felt sad and had a huge arguement with him ? thank youuuuuu ! ^-^

“Are you nearly ready, babe?” Your boyfriend, Jiwon, asked as he peaked his head into your room.

You were just finishing applying your make-up and nodded in reply. You were about to go out and meet with a possible co-producer for Jiwon’s upcoming album and you needed to look your best to make make Bobby look good. You wouldn’t normally care what people thought of you, but this producer was supposedly really good and for the sake of Jiwon’s career you would do anything.

“Come on then!” Jiwon took hold of your hand as you put down the mascara and pulled you out of your apartment. He tapped his foot impatiently as you waited for the elevator and you giggled.

“You nervous?” You teased and linked your arm with his.

“Never!” He puffed out his chest and looked down at you, a sheepish smile on his lips.

You laughed at his reply and stood on your tip-toes to place a chaste kiss on his lips. “It will go well.” You reassured him.

The nearer you got the location of the meeting (which was a small cafe just down your street) the more nervous Jiwon got. It was strange seeming in a such a way because he was always so confident.

“Why are so nervous anyway?” You asked. “Haven’t you two met before?”

He nodded, “Yeah, but I gave him the lyrics I wrote last time we met. I’m scared of what he will think.” His voice was small.

You just smiled and pulled him closer hoping it would somehow comfort him.

“Yo, Bobby!” A loud voice called out your boyfriend’s stage name and you both turned to look at the man who Jiwon was meeting with.

“What’s up, man?” Jiwon pulled away from your grasp and walked over to the man before giving him a high-five.

They began talking excitedly and you frowned because Jiwon didn’t even think to introduce you to him.

You cleared your throat as you neared them and they both turned to look at you. Jiwon’s eyes widened and he pulled you to his side before introducing you.

“This is my girlfriend, Y/N.” He ruffled your hair and you shrunk away from his touch, still annoyed.

“It’s nice to finally meet the girl behind the lyrics!” The man laughed and held his hand out to you.

You glanced at Jiwon before taking his hand and shaking it lightly. What did he mean ‘the girl behind the lyrics’?

After exchanging a few more greetings, the three of you made your way into the cafe and you chose a booth right near the toilets, just in case you wanted to get out of there. You never know.

“So?” Was all Jiwon said as he sat down next to you and across from the man. A expectant look was on his face as he leant forward slightly.

The man crossed his arms and hummed before replying, “The lyrics were great! It’s always good to have experience to use for your lyrics." 

Jiwon nodded excitedly and glanced at you. You shot him a thumbs up, forcing a smile on your face. For some reason you felt off about this whole thing. Jiwon had never let you read his lyrics and you had always wondered why. Now you were beginning to think it was because they were about you.

"Hey Jiwon, do you think I could read your lyrics since they were a success?” You asked and Jiwon just looked at you blankly.

“She hasn’t read them?” The man spoke after a few moments silence. “Of course you can read them!” He pulled out a few papers out of his briefcase and handed them to you. 

The whole time, Jiwon’s eyes followed the paper carefully and you stared at him suspiciously. It almost seemed like he didn’t want you to read them.

“Thanks,” You mumbled before beginning to read. As your eyes scanned down the page you realised now why Jiwon didn’t want you to read them. The lyrics were all about your relationship. But not really about how good it was, more about how bad the arguments were and how he missed all those times. You never felt that way, you always loved being with Jiwon despite some of the bad arguments you had.

You stood up abruptly and you were glad you chose a booth right by the toilets.

“I need to use the bathroom.” You muttered in a robotic voice and walked quickly towards the toilet. You would have ran, but you didn’t want to cause a scene.

“Y/N, wait! Listen to me!” You heard Jiwon call after you but you ignored him, feeling tears prick at your eyes.

Did he really feel like that? Like the relationship wasn’t working and he wanted to end it? If he did feel like that he could have just told you and you could have ended it. Sure, it would have been upsetting even if he told you but it hurt more finding out this way.

You ran into the toilets and locked yourself into once of the cubicles, feeling tears roll down your face. You collapsed onto the floor and clutched you knees close to your chest. You never thought you were cry like a baby of Jiwon, but then again, you never thought he could ever hurt you this bad.

“Y/N!” His voice interupted your thoughts and you shot up into a straight sitting position. “Y/N, please! Those lyrics don’t mean anything.”

“Like hell they don’t mean anything!” You screamed, your voice catching in your throat. You sobbing became louder as his footsteps approached your cubicle.

“Baby, please…” He trailed off. The door moved slightly and you realised that he was leaning against it.

“Go away.” You sniffled and wiped away your tears, willing yourself to stop crying.

“I don’t really think any of that.” He spoke quietly, “I just need some lyrics and I based it off our arguments and other-”

“So it is based off our relationship?” You stood slowly and unlocked the door, coming face to face with Jiwon. He stumbled slightly as his support disappeared from behind him and he looked at you with wide eyes.

“Well… yes. But-”

“That’s enough. If you don’t want to be with me that’s fine. Let’s end it.” You spoke bravely, but inside you just wished you could fall into his arms and everything would be okay. You could go back to being a happy couple. laughing about stupid things and having a good time.

“I don’t want to end it.” He voice broke slightly and your heart broke. Maybe he really didn’t mean it and he really did love you.

“That’s not what your lyrics said.” You whispered and pushed past him roughly.

He took hold of your arm, forcing you to stop in your tracks. You heard sobbing come from behind you and you couldn’t help it anymore. You broked down into tears, clasping your hand over your face to muffle the sounds. 

“Don’t do this over something so stupid. You’ll regret it, and so will I. I will regret it for the rest of my life. That’s why I didn’t show them to you because I knew you would be upset. In reality, I should have just asked you if it was okay, or in fact, not have even thought about writing those lyrics.” His words were broken as he sobbed and slowly his grip loosened on your arm.

You had the choice to leave and you knew it, but you couldn’t bring yourself to moved from the spot you were on.

“I understand. Leave now, before I change my mind again.” Jiwon whispered and you felt his hand leave your arm completely.

You glanced behind you and saw him crouched down on the floor. Something came over you, you didn’t know what but next thing you knew you were down on the floor next to him with your arm wrapped around his shoulder.

He turned to look at you, his eyes wide once again and he pulled you into a hug.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, so so sorry. I won’t use those lyrics I promise. I-I love you.” He mumbled into your hair and you smiled slightly, tightening your grip on his hoodie.

“I’m sorry. I probably overreacted.” You laughed quietly, trying to lighten the mood.

“I know I do a lot of stupid shit, but please, Y/N, please promise me you will never leave me. I don’t what I’d do without you.” His voice cracked again you suddenly regretted ever saying you would leave him. How could you possibly leave him?

“I will never leave you.” You replied and pulled away to look into his eyes.

He stared back at you with watery eyes and felt the need to wrap him up in a blanket and tell him everything would be okay.

“I promise.”