4 Ways To Style A Summer Bob

Chopped off my hair for summer and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s so easy to manage and a lot of fun to style! Got to get all dolled up recently for a feature with Byrdie to show 4 different ways to rock this cut. 

See more pics and a step by step of each hairstyle here

Hair styled by: Nikki Lee

Makeup by: Tracey Levy

Shot by: Justin Coit

First vision of BOB

S01E01: Traces to Nowhere (First Draft July 12, 1989, revised in August 10 and August 18, 1989): Donna’s visit to the Palmer residence and Sarah’s first vision of BOB. In this version of the scene Leland has been replaced by a nurse looking after grieving Sarah.

49.  DONNA
As Sarah holds her.
		My baby ... my baby ...
Donna tries to gently pull away. Sarah won't release her.
							CUT TO:
50.  SARAH
Her eyes open wide, unfocused, looking up, seeing a vision ...
							CUT TO:
Looking down a long corridor, a frightening looking MAN we haven't seen before
comes racing towards us at full speed. We hear some monstrous sound. just as
he's about to reach us we ...
							CUT TO:
52.  SARAH
She opens her mouth and screams and won't stop. Terrified, Donna struggles and
pulls away from her, trying in vain to find some way to calm her, as the Nurse
rushes into the room.