Boardwalk Empire x The Simpsons aka Bootleg Bart.

Long time no see. Sorry ‘bout that. But a lot of works these days (again :-) ). Some stuff can be seen on my Instagram, feel free to follow me, you’ll see some work in progress or illustrations I made (not only simpsonized). 

Here’s an illustration I made some weeks ago for Be-Street BootlegBart contest. Based on the well-known “Boardwalk Empire”, here is the process from the beginning to end: 1. The advanced sketch, 2. The ink, 3. The colors, 4. The lights.
Hope you like it. ;-) 


                                                   I’m a first class let d o w n ,
I’m a shut up sit down.


Margot Bingham as Daughter Maitland sings “St. Louis Blues”

This was so well done and she is like an enchantress or a siren.  Love this so much.

PS Sorry this is all I’m posting right now

PSS Sorry not sorry actually she is fab



Mr Michael K Williams of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire fame explores the idea of personal style in this exclusive short. 

This video is just one of the many exclusives featured in the Mr Porter iPad Magazine | Issue One – The Tux.