Hopefully this block serves as a “wake up call” for Nick Young.

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theme thursday: just a little bit of green

small box succulent planters by luzdelbosque

the second thursday of the year will be dedicated to some plant home accents — just what i need this mid-winter morning. these wooden planter blocks are available in singles or in multi-packs.


Whys Westbrook picking on JJ Barea like that


I’m always on the lookout for stats that exceed expectations with every new patch, and today I found this Korean cleric who has 5121 Block (and with a sizeable amount of HP too, if I may add).

This is a combination of Health and equipment. They have 30 Health invested and 9 Agility invested for stats; the former grants HP and Block per investment while the latter grants Concentration, Parry, Evasion and Strike Resist per investment. 

(for a comprehensive guide on High Daeva stats, please refer to this post

Here’s the full breakdown on equipment:

- Fearless Chain Set (Mythic BM); +15 and fully socketed with Block
- Exalted Nolan Set (Ring, Necklace, Earring)
- Sauro Commander’s Sash
- Enhanced 2-Star PVP Wings
- Enhanced Mythic Ancient Coin Helmet
- Enhanced Mythic Ancient Coin Shield; +20 and fully socketed with +8 Health manastones
- High Daeva Mace; fully socketed with +7 Health manastones

The total amount of Block achieved is confirmed to be done WITHOUT the help of external buffs (eg. Word of Protection, Shield Mantra). This is even higher than a previous 5045 Block Korean chanter I have seen some weeks before (although that amount INCLUDES Shield Mantra).

P.S - I’ll cover the Korean chanter if there is a demand for it, otherwise I’ll just skip it since it’s not of my interest.