How does space become transparent? The Orion Nebula answers

“Until the gas is completely ionized, visible light can be reflected or absorbed, depending on the orientation of the stars and gas with respect to us. The only way to see through neutral gas is by looking in the infrared, which is sensitive to other features. Once the gas is 100% ionized, it’s 100% transparent, and the entire Universe is revealed.”

The distant nebulae might appear to illuminate the night sky, but this neutral gas is mostly only good for reflecting or absorbing starlight, which obscures the view of all the stars and galaxies lying in the background. But this light-blocking effect is only temporary, as over time, this neutral gas will give way to transparency. All it takes is the energy of the hot, blue stars forming inside, whose ultraviolet radiation will eventually ionize all of the material within it. The last gasps of the neutral gas will appear as Evaporating Gas Globules (EGGs), and when they’re all completely ionized, the starlight from everything beyond will be free to stream towards our eyes unimpeded.

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Hopefully this block serves as a “wake up call” for Nick Young.

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theme thursday: just a little bit of green

small box succulent planters by luzdelbosque

the second thursday of the year will be dedicated to some plant home accents — just what i need this mid-winter morning. these wooden planter blocks are available in singles or in multi-packs.


Whys Westbrook picking on JJ Barea like that


I’m always on the lookout for stats that exceed expectations with every new patch, and today I found this Korean cleric who has 5121 Block (and with a sizeable amount of HP too, if I may add).

This is a combination of Health and equipment. They have 30 Health invested and 9 Agility invested for stats; the former grants HP and Block per investment while the latter grants Concentration, Parry, Evasion and Strike Resist per investment. 

(for a comprehensive guide on High Daeva stats, please refer to this post

Here’s the full breakdown on equipment:

- Fearless Chain Set (Mythic BM); +15 and fully socketed with Block
- Exalted Nolan Set (Ring, Necklace, Earring)
- Sauro Commander’s Sash
- Enhanced 2-Star PVP Wings
- Enhanced Mythic Ancient Coin Helmet
- Enhanced Mythic Ancient Coin Shield; +20 and fully socketed with +8 Health manastones
- High Daeva Mace; fully socketed with +7 Health manastones

The total amount of Block achieved is confirmed to be done WITHOUT the help of external buffs (eg. Word of Protection, Shield Mantra). This is even higher than a previous 5045 Block Korean chanter I have seen some weeks before (although that amount INCLUDES Shield Mantra).

P.S - I’ll cover the Korean chanter if there is a demand for it, otherwise I’ll just skip it since it’s not of my interest.