IP blocking: How to stop harassment

Did you make the fatal mistake of expressing an opinion on Tumblr? Has your blog caught the eye of a 12 year old that is enraged by the thought of real life? Are you sick of waking up to 20 death threats every morning because your last photoset included an untagged exposed ankle? Well, never fear, there is a safe and simple way to quash those keyboard warriors.

This method will stop someone from getting onto your blog. This means that they can’t message you or reblog your posts. They can still tag you in posts and talk about you but they won’t be able to see your blog in order to pick apart whether your recent rant about burnt toast was about them or not. 

You will still be able to see their blog but I’d advice not reading it for your own peace of mind.

Step 1: Setting up StatCounter

Meet . This guy is your new best friend. 

Make an account over there. You do NOT need to sign up for any other websites; ignore it if it says you do.

When it comes to this page, paste your Tumblr URL into the ‘project URL’ box. Delete the http:// part from the start of your URL.

The ‘Project Title’ should fill in automatically. If it doesn’t then just name it after your blog so that later on you know which of your blogs the stats are for.

Ignore the ‘project group’ selection.

Choose your country under ‘country’. It’s important you pick the right one. You’ll see why later. 

Choose your correct time zone. Do NOT check the ‘Make statistics public’ box.

Under ‘do you need a counter or button’ choose ‘invisible tracking’. This means that your ‘secret admirer’ doesn’t know that you’re taking steps towards blocking them and thus are less likely to send in a last wave of irrational hate.

Pick whether you’d like Email reports on your blog’s stats never, daily, weekly or monthly and enter your E-mail address under ‘Recipients’. 

Click on the blue letters that says ‘Default Installation Guide’.

Click on the ‘Standard’ tab. Copy everything in that box. Do not close this page.

Open a new tab or window. Go to your Tumblr dashboard. Click on ‘Customize’. 

Click on ‘edit html’.

Find where the text says <head> . It should be near the start of the box. Then paste underneath it. Make sure to click on ‘Update Preview’ and then ‘Save’.

Go back to Stat Counter on the page where you copied stuff from the box. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the ‘Check Installation’ button.

If you’ve done it right then you’ll see this message. Congratulations! Now you can find out their IP address. If not, try again, paying close attention to all of the instructions. If that still doesn’t work then message me. 

Step 2: Finding their IP address

Click on your project title. Then click on ‘visitor paths’.

On this page you can view detailed information about who has visited your blog. In box number 1 you can see the name of their web provider. In box number 2 you can see their ip address. In box number 3 you can see what country and area they come from. In box number 4 you can see how they got to your blog (via Google, via their blog, etc). In box number 5 you can see a link to what they viewed on your blog (which post or page). Label IP Address is where you can give your visitor nicknames. You can also see the date and time of their visit and how often they’ve returned to your blog.

Now you watch and wait.

There are a few way of identifying which visitor your stalker is. If a certain visitor keeps going to your ask box at the same times as you’re getting anon hate or messages from your stalker then it’s most likely them. If you know what country/area they’re from and someone from that country/area keeps looking at your blog then it’s probably them. If they view a lot of posts that are to do with them (your responses to their posts, reblogs of their posts, etc) or could possibly be about them (’some users on here are mean’) then it’s probably them. If the referring link is coming from their blog or one of their posts then it’s probably them. Monitor it for a couple of days until you’re fairly certain which visitor they are.

Then the fun part begins.

Step 3: Blocking them

Go to this website and copy the text in the numbered box.

Go to your Tumblr Dashboard. Click on customize.

Click on ‘Edit ‘html’.

Paste the text underneath ‘Ed of StatCounter code for Default Guide’ in grey writing. Click update preview and then save. Stay on this page.

Paste their ip address off statcounter into the quotation marks after varbannedips. You can also paste more ip addresses to ban multiple people (just make sure each one is in quotation marks and there’s a comma separating them).

The website url in the qoutation marks after var final_destination is where they’ll be redirected too. It’s set to the Tumblr log out page by default but you can change it to whatever you’d like. Please don’t link to screamers or triggering sites as this may physically harm the other person and that’s legally classed as assault.

Hit ‘update preview’ then ‘save’.

Step 3: Rejoice

Enjoy not having your selfies reblogged with captions such as ‘literally the worst person ever’. Frolic in your hate free inbox. 

If they are still reblogging from you or responding to your posts then either: they have multiple IP adresses which you’ll have to figure out in the same way as their first IP address, you blocked the wrong person (oops) or you messed up one of the steps. 

If you have any common sense as a Muslim, DO NOT FOLLOW muslimmuse. They are saying things like niqab is haraam, don’t wear black, rape is a punishment for women, etc. PLEASE just block them, it’s just so gross that someone is taking Qur’an verses completely out of context. 

And remember, if you need some Islamic guidance, the internet can only do so much for you. Please contact your local imaam or sheikh.

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