5 years have past and we’ve seen you grown from a sweet young boy to such a stunning young man. you’ve never failed to show us how hardworking you are by constantly improving on your dance, vocals or to learn different languages just to get closer to fans worldwide. i hope you know that we all love you so dearly and please always stay happy, healthy and don’t lose this sweet beautiful smile of yours that melts our hearts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEHUN ♡´・ᴗ・` ♡


Thank you for giving us so much and asking for so little. Thank you for not giving up and teaching us how to be strong… Above it all, thank you for always choosing each other no matter what; for staying together through thick and thin. Thank you for giving us a family, for making shinhwa into a home we all can come to. But the most important thing I want to thank the world for, is letting you all find happiness in each other. Happy eighteenth anniversary, you embarrassing fools. Let’s keep growing old together.

#신화18주년축하해 #Shinhwa18thAnniversary


5 years have past n that beautiful smile of yours or whenever you sing so passionately still remains the same. no matter how many awards you’ve won, how many dramas or movies you’ve starred in, you’re still as humble as before. 2016 was a really busy year for you n i hope this year you’ll have more time spent alone or with your family. stay happy, healthy n i hope you know there’re so many of us out here loving n supporting you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYUNGSOO ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ 


5 years n you’ve never failed to impress me with the transition of fluffy n cute kim jongin to sexy and mesmerizing kai on stage. please take care of yourself n stay healthy because every time you get injured it just really breaks our heart. i hope you never lose this beautiful smile of yours n know that you’re so well loved by all of us n no matter what we would stay by your side for as long as time allows us to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONGIN (灬♥ω♥灬)


Our dancing machine… Our hardworker writer, composer, producer and singer, our M CEO… Please stop overworking yourself and get some rest… Also, don’t overstress yourself, everything is going to be alright. We’re here , by your side, watching your every step and supporting you along the way. Never stop smiling, Lee Minwoo, and please be happy~

#happyminbongday #happybirthdayminwoo #minbongday