5 years have past n that beautiful smile of yours or whenever you sing so passionately still remains the same. no matter how many awards you’ve won, how many dramas or movies you’ve starred in, you’re still as humble as before. 2016 was a really busy year for you n i hope this year you’ll have more time spent alone or with your family. stay happy, healthy n i hope you know there’re so many of us out here loving n supporting you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYUNGSOO ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ 


5 years n you’ve never failed to impress me with the transition of fluffy n cute kim jongin to sexy and mesmerizing kai on stage. please take care of yourself n stay healthy because every time you get injured it just really breaks our heart. i hope you never lose this beautiful smile of yours n know that you’re so well loved by all of us n no matter what we would stay by your side for as long as time allows us to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONGIN (灬♥ω♥灬)

Regarding Alycia's birthday

One of Alycia’s best friends, Marny Kennedy, has tweeted/ posted to instagram for her 20th and 21st birthday respectively. The below screenshots link these instagram photos (1, 2). The thing is, she lives in Australia, so the dates are a bit ambiguous.

For her 21st birthday, Max Deacon, her co-star in Into The Storm, tweeted her on July 19th.

Alycia’s good friend Georgia Wilson also posted on her instagram on July 20 to wish her a happy birthday. (x)

So my guess is around the 20th. But she was also born in Australia, so in America it may in fact be celebrated a day earlier, which would be the 19th. The year is 1993, though. I am fairly certain of that.

UPDATE AS OF JULY 18: Georgia replied with the actual date. Alycia was born July 20, 1993!


“To be honest, the best present he could give me was just his mere presence, treating me like I was worth more than the world to him. I’m just happy he dropped by for my birthday.

Not to mention, that red velvet cake my friends made was delicious! 

Thank you very much… all of you…”

((I know someone asked for Pinkie here, but I decided against including her. She doesn’t need to be brought into every big exploit involving the Sandwich Bros, you know. Besides, I’ll have Cheese do something on Pinkie’s birthday. ;)

Aaaand, Nyx returns… for some reason…

And we end this this with a Weird Al parody of a Billy Joel song. Aww, look at them in their silly duet. ^^))

so, it’s his 24th birthday. I’m very grateful for this dude. his personality is the kind of influence every person needs in their lives. he teaches us teenagers to stop fucking around on the internet and get the fuck outside and follow our dreams. he tells us that we need to be more colorful, and bright. without him, who else would be telling us this? hes so unique and i’m so glad he can go out and be the person he is and not give a shit about anything. it is so important to care about yourself and to be happy and do whatever you want. he is an example and an inspiration. Happy Birthday Tyler. We love you to bits, man. You Rule.💖🙏 (gifs were not made by me, creds to whoever made them)

caramelcrow  asked:

my best friend's birthday is tomorrow, do you suppose i could have some kellam fluff for him?

Considering that no one ever notices Kellam, him organizing a surprise party becomes slightly difficult. You have no problem picking him out among any crowd, but you’re the one person he wants to be ignored by for once.

He needs to gather people to partake in this celebration, but it’s hard to capture the attention of any invitee, and they just wander off before he can properly raise his voice.

This stresses him out a great deal, because your birthday looms ever closer, and the amount of guests invited is not proving to be optimal.

So it’s very shocking when he gets invited to your surprise party. He has to restrain the urge to cry.

Lissa finds out about his plight and enlists him as top party planner for you, so he doesn’t feel so bad, and feels guilty for not consulting him first. After all, he’s the one that’s closest to you.

When it’s finally your birthday, a day you find as unremarkable as any other, you’re led on a wild goose chase by Nowi, only to be lead into a tent filled with your favorite people yelling surprise. And near the front of it all, is Kellam, slightly engulfed by the crowd around him, which is quite a feat considering the bulk of his armor.

“Happy Birthday, _______!”

Dear Lee Jihoon,

Despite the late nights, immense stress and high expectations, we would like to thank you. For not giving up. For being strong. For always doing your best. And also, for being who you are. Happy 20th Birthday, our hardworking composer. We are proud of you.