I’m gonna get so much hate for this but oh well…

Okay so I’ve seen a ton of people be like “Becca is such a bitch I want to be mean to her blah blah blah” and whatever else and I just want to say something.

Yes, becca has been a bitch, but you have to remember she’s going through a lot.

I’m not trying to say her actions were okay, but her parents just got divorced and this is coming from someone who’s parents are divorced, it’s REALLY hard. I was like 5 when my parents divorced and I acted out A LOT. I hated my dad, he was a HUGE jerk and I hated that my parents were no longer together. I was mean and nasty and even to this day I lash out because I still have to deal with it. It really effects people. My friend was older when her parents divorced and she did the same thing. She was pretty much a bitch and lashed out and acted out. The main reason is because kids tend to blame themselves for their parents’ divorce, even if it legit had nothing to do with them. My ex-boyfriend’s dad cheated on his mom and his parents got divorced and he acted out A LOT cuz they divorced a year or so before I met him. There’s always some sort of custody battle or some fight and it’s really hard on people no matter how old they are.

Becca also lost all of her friends in her sorority and is probably feeling so alone. She’s also probably getting depressed which causes people to lash out, push people away, and sometimes they’re just mean.

She’s also in like her what senior year of college? So she’s probably like “oh fuck I gotta decide what I want to do with my life” and she’s probably so stressed out about that.

MC was right, Becca shouldn’t hold things in (and she’s doing that) cuz it causes her to lash out and do really awful things like what she did to Madison.

Again, I agree, I think what Becca did was AWFUL but you do have to remember where she is coming from. Becca is one of those people that holds things in, and I’m the exact same way. If you bottle things up, you’re gonna explode at some point and from what I can tell, Becca has probably never being super vulnerable with anyone.

So to react and be super mean to her back isn’t the way to go. I get why some people may wanna be super mean to her but that won’t solve anything. She’s having a hard time and experienced all of this change in the matter of a few weeks/months and it happened all at once. She loved being president of her sorority and then lost it and then had to drop out and she loved being in her sorority and I’m from a sorority so I can say that some people are really just bitches and if you don’t have the money/you drop for whatever reason, people are gonna treat you differently.

So she lost something that meant so much to her, she’s dealing with her parents being divorced (and her dad being a dick) and she lost her best friend and she had to move into the house with MC and from book 4, she probably had a shitty ass summer.

She’s feeling really alone and very desperate, so to lash out at her and say she’s being a bitch and you wanna be mean back to her just isn’t the best way to handle it. Yes she was awful to Madison and Mc and whoever else, but remember where she’s coming from and try to relate to her. She needs a friend more than anything and she also probably needs some therapy.

Edit: from the last chapter, we can tell she feels very guilty about the whole Madison thing. Clearly she feels awful and she’s probably (or hopefully) going to apologize and patch things up with Madison. Again, I’m not saying what she did was okay, I think what she did was terrible, but at least we know she’s feeling guilty and she’s hopefully going to fix things. She’s also trying to reach out for help which is a big step and a scary step. That’s all I wanted to say and I’m fine if you want to disagree but yeah.

I love her hoodie I want one!!! Anon this is for you and all my Becca lovers out there 😄 I love the the contrast with the flowers and her face hahaha ♥️ Sorry Still experimenting the brushes ♥️