The 100 season 4

Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company for the long duration missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation. Where did the criminals go? 

“Contact lost with asteroid mining penal colony” article open while talking about 2048. 

The Becca’s rocket is called Vesta IV. Vesta is also the name of the second largest asteroid in the main belt of asteroids of our solar system. Did they go there?

Becca met Alie in 2051, she needed an avatar.  After Alie’s “Too many people” speesh, Becca locked Alie in the Faraday’ cage. While Becca was working on the neural interface of Alie 2.0, Alie 1.0 got through the black ice encryption and got out of the Faraday Shield. Then Alie cracked systems and hacked nuclear launch codes. The poison pill virus didn’t kill her. Who helped Alie? Who was that  “stupid son of a bitch”? 

And here we have “The enigmatic Bill Cadogan, who has long preached of a coming apocalypse for which he says he can provide salvation”. 

Cadogan gave the speech about the end of the world 2 weeks before the bombs. He preached that the four horsemen of the apocalypse may come in any form. War, Famine, The Environment. «Everything we once trusted has turned on us. Government, religion, even technology become a weapon in their hands used to poison our minds. I know, you’re in pain, but it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way out of the darkness. I can show it to you. You can be saved. Join me, and together from the ashes we will rise.» 

“There is no pain in The City of Light”, right?

What are the chances that Cadogan invested in Becсa’s research and knew about Alie?

The emblem of the cult is similar to the logo on the island where Alie was created.

I think, Alie created The City of Light with Cadogan before the apocalypse. Jaha converted a nuclear warhead into a power source.” With the added power, Alie was able to complete the work she began with her creator a hudred years ago”-that what he said to Murphy in 3.01.

Their faith was based on 12 seals. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, royalty could unlock the twelfth ceal. But did they survive?


Becca landed on Polis territory with injections of Nightblood and Alie 2.0. 

Storage box Alie 2.0 was with a clean metal rim.

97 years later we have 12 clans. Corporate logo became the sacred symbol of the commander. And the Alie 2.0 storage box has a skull image. The same as on the walls of Polis.

Becca became the first Commander. Who was the first Flamekeeper?  

The grounders’ religion looks like the next step in promoting the cult of “The Second Dawn”. And the City of Light had to be the last step to the salvation.

Okay but here is my wish list for The Freshman book 4:(I dated Kaitlyn before we broke up and hooked up with Becca at the Spring Fling so this post is pro Becca)

-Running into Becca, Madison & Tripp(or Logan if you picked him for our girl)Darren and Amara at the music festival

-Becca pretending to be annoyed with you in front of the group but when you’re alone she’s quite enthralled to see you again and is definitely looking for another hookup

-Madison catching MC and Becca in the act and instead of shock, she just claps her hands excitedly and goes “Finally!”

-Abbie trying to be supportive of MC and Becca but she’s just baffled. No words can truly justify her feelings on the matter.

-Kaitlyn or other LI that you dated but broke up with a little jealous or a little pissed bc hello they thought you two hated each other

-Zack being passionate about the weirdest thing imaginable or something unexpected but mc and zig support it 100 percent.

-hot musician has the hots for Zack but Zack dismisses the possibility of a hookup. He just needs “Zack time” and would rather spend time with his friends

-darren and amara vs madison and tripp over who the cutest couple is.

-Zig and MC are the ultimate bros. Car breaks down and they’re the only ones who can repair a car with the right tools on hand. They have a ball while they do it

-James and the gang getting drunk at his parents winery.


-the gang treating chris’ little sister out to an amusement park or arcade; they do something really simple and fun but they all have a great time