John and Cynthia arrive for the premier of How I Won The War at the London Pavilion on the 18th October 1967. John and Cynthia dressed in typical late 60s psychedelic style, as did George and Pattie with George wearing his orange Granny Takes a Trip jacket and black velvet trousers. Paul and Ringo however came in more reserved, traditional dress suits. After the film, the Beatles went to a party at Cilla Black’s apartment at 9b Portland Place, London.

John Lennon was easy to interview. If he was in the right mood, in the right humour and didn’t just say, get lost; if it didn’t happen to be a day he had decided was a day for not talking, then he was easy.
Paul loved talking, but could be careful and calculating, not really giving himself away. George had hobbyhorses, from which it could be hard to unmount him, some of them very boring. Ringo was amusing, but in the end had not a lot to say.
John, at the right time, told you everything, asked or unasked, bashing and lashing out all over the place, his friends and enemies, rubbishing himself as much as anyone or anything else.
—  Hunter Davies, The Guardian, September 2007

THE BEATLES - ‘ABBEY ROAD’ (1969) - Concept Posters

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THE BEATLES - ‘REVOLVER’ (1966) - Concept Posters

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