“The Beatles were very extrovert - my only regret there is that I didn’t have more to do with George who I thought was a lovely guy, absolutely lovely. I went to America with them for a week at Epstein’s invitation and they were all pretty good. I never knew where I was with Lennon! Who did? But Paul was always very forthcoming. And I had one long conversation with George in a dressing room in Chicago, and I thought this guy’s got a lot more than he’s allowed to say. I don’t mean not allowed but… the kind of general attitude was John and Paul did all the chat, and Ringo would make the odd comment from the background - he was always all right. But George. I’ve just seen the documentary his wife made, and I’ve been practically in tears thinking ‘what an opportunity I missed there’. Only because he was obviously somebody that you really ought to know. Extremely talented too. Well, they all were!" 

[Brian Matthew]


Photos of the Beatles taken by Angus McBean at EMI house, London, firstly in 1963 for the cover of the Beatles first album, Please Please Me and in the same location again in 1969, originally intended for the Beatles Get Back LP. The Get Back album was shelved (and later salvaged and turned into Let It Be) so the photo was only used for the Get Back single, and later the Beatles ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ albums respectively. Note the clothing change in the later photos.

Pics: Angus McBean.

The Dark Ages
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