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10 Best College Game Day Experiences

How much can the atmosphere at a college football game vary from one location to another? After all, it’s the same sport. At each campus, the tailgating and game will feature the same major players: students, alumni, beverages, bands, beverages, food, beverages, cheerleaders, and beverages.Despite these common elements, the game day experiences at college campuses across the country reflect vast regional differences in food, fun, and temperament. Here’s a list of the 10 best game day experiences for your consideration.

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Can you imagine II (part 6)

You had been home now for a few weeks. Life had finally returned to normal. In the television room music was playing softly. It was the soundtrack to one of the movies that the twins enjoyed. You, Benedict, James, and Alexander were playing the game Ticket to Ride on the coffee table. You had an audience as well. Two dogs and four cats sat nearby watching the game being played. One of the cats had decided to curl up on your lap and was now purring contentedly. One of the dogs sat with James and the other with Alexander while Benedict had two of the three remaining cats on his lap.

The game was fun for all, even the pets. You looked around at your motley crew of family and smiled. A warm feeling washed over you. You knew you were lucky. This was not the life that you had imagined for yourself. You had been completely career oriented when you met Benedict. Heck, you tried to chase him away.  Somehow, Benedict wound his way into both your heart and body.

The two of you helped the boys get ready for bed. A bubble bath for the boys was filled and a second play time began. The large master bath was now filled with little boys and little boy toys. Benedict sat outside of the tub with you and played as well with the twins. You even had to change clothing from all the splashing that was done. Benedict was reading the boys a bedtime story while you lingered at the door. This was your favorite time of day. Listening to him read his sons a bedtime story made the real world bleed away. You truly enjoyed it as much as they did.

Once they were asleep, you and Benedict retired as well. A shower for both of you later it was bedtime as well. Laying there listening to Benedict sing in the shower, made you smile. You had started to doze off when you felt his lips brushing against your own.

“Mmm.  You taste delicious.”

“Like toothpaste is more like it.” He laughed.

“Nio. You taste like…”

Strong fingers brushed across your hip and you pressed back against him. He was aroused. You remembered a question he was asked in an interview once and you started to chuckle softly.

“Am I amusing you Stass?”

“I remember in a interview years ago you were asked something about sex or stardom. It looks like you got both Ben.”

He laughed and shook his head. You rolled over to slide your arms over his strong shoulders and pulled him into another kiss. Benedict allowed you to take the lead. His lips parted beneath yours and you were able to taste him fully now.  His had slid under your bottom and gave the firm roundness a nice hard squeeze. It was all about touch right now. Your hands slid down his chest and let your nails bite his skin gently.  Benedict rolled over urging your body to cover his as best as it could. You sat up straight and coaxed him into your depths.

Benedict cried out softly. Wet heat and so very tight it surrounded him.

“Open your eyes my love, my life.” Your voice was a husky whisper now.

He did as you requested. His eyes met your gaze and then traveled downwards.  Long legs were spread wide and you gave him a show like no other. You let him watch ever stroke. Your nails danced across the base of his shaft to tease and torment him just that much more. Riding him slowly, you were impaled by his shaft.  Pivoting, you turned. Your back was to him now. He watched from a different direction as you began to cry out with your own pleasures.  Benedict’s hands were on your hips, guiding. He raised up some and with you on your knees now, he took you from behind.

Each thrust, you matched. You moved with such exquisite slowness that made each of you cry out the other’s name. He moved faster. So did you. A rainstorm started outside and neither of you noticed until the first crack of lightening filled the bedroom. The harder the rain fell it seemed that the two of you moved faster. Your bodies were timed to each other’s heart beats and to the storm that raged outside.

His hands cupped the fullness of your breasts with thumbs brushing over the tips of hardened nipples.  You knew it right then and there that you were going to come.

“Slow down, please slow down.” You didn’t want it to end. So you begged and begged some more.

His voice was a rough rasp in your ear. “No.”

The single word set you off. You came hard and fast around him. Wet velvet squeezed him hard and then harder. You almost would have pushed him out of you if it wasn’t for the perfectly timed thrust. Another orgasm erupted through your body. The second left you gasping for a breath. Your entire being tingled with energy and you could not stand to be on your knees a second longer. Collapsing to the bed, Benedict kept on. He was so tightly wound himself; he was having a hard time forcing his own orgasm back.

Reaching between you two from below, your nails tickled against his sack. Giving the fullness a very gentle squeeze, Benedict cried out your name over and over again. The thrust stopped and you could feel that familiar throb of his release.  When it was over, he rested on your back. His hands still caressing your body, he whispered.

“I love you.”

“I love you now and I will love you for all of eternity Benedict. You are going to be a father again soon.”


ficlette by Risa Long (aka sherlocksreverie)

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