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“A date?” Harry repeats slowly, raising an eyebrow at Essie.

She rolls her eyes, digging the toe of her shoe into the tile of floor. “You heard me Styles,” she grinds her teeth together, “yes or no?”

“Golly, since you asked so nicely,” he says sarcastically, cradling his chin is the palm of his hand. “I’m gonna have to go with no, sorry Es.” And he’s got a smug smirk on his face and Essie decides winning a stupid bet was so not worth the endless hazing Harry will be sure to deliver.

“Shove off, Harriet,” she scoffs, spinning on her heel to leave.

“Oh, come off it, Bessie!” He shouts, laughing at his own little joke.
Definitely not worth it, Essie thinks. “Wait, wait—alright I’ll go out with you!” She freezes. Then Harry says, “But I’m not going to wear a dress!” and she’s rolling her eyes again and leaving the shop with an unamused snort.

An AU about fresh-baked goods and fraternizing with the enemy.

burnt cookies; a mini-fic, coming this summer



Submitted by Melanie McKay

Vancouver island was a bit of a mystery to me, even until I moved here. I was completely ignorant about it. I thought ‘well, I’d like to move to Vancouver, but Victoria is close enough for now’. I remember getting off the ferry for the first time and being surprised how long it took me to drive into town. I imagined an island would be a small thing. Turns out Vancouver Island is the largest western island in the America’s. I thought I’d move here for a little while (since I had found a job here), while spending my weekends in Vancouver on the mainland. After all, it was only a ferry ride away.

I was completely wrong.

Victoria quickly turned into my favourite city, and Vancouver Island has become a dream place to live. I almost never go to the mainland, and sometimes feel guilty for getting to live in such an amazing place.  I live only a block from the ocean, in the first community in the city. Filled with character homes, giant trees and plants that stay green all year, and long drift wood filled beaches. I’ve seen whales swim by from our favourite beach spot at the bottom of my street!  I also love that the beaches here are free of skyscrapers or the usual city hustle and bustle; it’s truly a dream.

It’s warm climate also allows for the growth of a unique temperate rainforest (the only of it’s kind in the world), while at the same time getting only 1/3 the rain of mainland Vancouver.  

The summer is filled with endless warm lakes to swim in, rainforests full of ferns to hike in, and amazing beaches to camp on.  The weather stays relatively warm throughout the winter (often without snow throughout) and we camp ocean side all year long. A few hours up island the weather becomes a bit more typical of other parts of Canada. There is snow, mountains and coniferous forests. You can easily get your winter fix, if that’s your thing.

I’ve completely fallen in love with this island and have no plans to leave! It’s a truly amazing place!


Melanie McKay is a freelance photographer born and raised in Calgary, Alberta who went turncoat and moved to the wet west coast. You can see more of her work on her website or give her a follow on tumblr or instagram @melaniewonder​


Late Autumn Red in Vancouver by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
Streets in Vancouver BC Canada covered by red maple leaves in late Autumn. Camera Information: Model: Sony NEX-6, Shutter Speed: 1/400 sec, Aperture: f/2, Focal Length: 50mm, ISO: 100 Lens: Metabones Sony A-mount to NEX Speed Booster Adapter + Sony 50mm f/1.4 Lens Alpha Mount (SAL50F14).


Kinney Lake by Carrie Cole
Via Flickr:
Kinney Lake in Mount Robson Provincial Park near Valemount, BC.

What she says: I’m fine.
What she means: in Different as Can Be, Voldemort says “You won’t sleep on your back” after Quirrell CLEARLY says before in that same scene that he can only sleep on his back. And if Voldemort wouldn’t sleep on his tummy as well, then there would be no problem because then Quirrel could just sleep on his stomach. How, in all the rehearsals leading up to the release of AVPM, did no one in starkid realize this and say something about it? Did they all know and ignore that it was inaccurate? Could it have been that hard to change just one line?