how I met B-Bomb

so bbomb had been advertising a flea market that was quite near to my hotel so as soon as 12 pm rolled around me and mum and Ines (our tour guide) jumped in the van and headed there

we stood in line for 2 and a bit hours (my mum found a seat near the front seperate from the line and got some great photos!!) and when we finally got inside I was sweating like a pig and shaking like a leaf and all the korean i’d ever learnt flew out of my head BUT ines came to my rescue

she told him I was from australia and he was really impressed and shook my hand. I wanted to buy a shirt but I didn’t know what sizes they had so ines asked what size would suit me and bbomb LOOKED ME UP AND DOWN LMAO NO FUCKIN WORD OF A LIE I NEARLY FELL OVER (thank god I wore a tight dress that day T B H) and he handed me a small from the rack. I held it up to me and it fit so i bought one of those and two caps.

Then ines started telling him about beesubs and omg i nearly died. when she told him we translate everything he shook my hand AGAIN and gave me a thumbs up and at this point I was dying and then we finally paid and said byE BUT HE SHOOK MY HAND AGAIN