Found this little one inside, so took them out and they flew off :)

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Pink Back Packer Bat
This is a Pre Made Beezee Bat Baby. Each plush is made with Soft Minky, Beautiful Patterned Cotton, and Stuffed with Polyester Fiberfill. Everything is hand sewn with love and care. It might add a bit of uniqueness to each plush, but this gives them a personality of their own. They are super soft and perfect to cuddle with. *Made just for you 💜 * SIZES 6 Inches Tall 11 Inch Wingspan Made with a lot of love and care. ELEMENTAL COVE NOTE :: Optional Alpha Test Key and an Item Bundle. Will be Shipped within 1-3 Business Days Pattern by Beezee

This bat has some attitude, but never lets this get in the way of delivering the mail.