bartlett, charles william - Mother and Child by Amber Tree

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<br />Charles William Bartlett  1860-1940  Engeland

Charles William Bartlett (1 June 1860 – 16 April 1940) was an English painter and printmaker who settled in Hawaii.


Soo 6368 West at Spaulding, IL by Lance
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Soo Line train #216, the Bensenville to Kansas City intermodal, is about to thump over the EJ&E diamond at Spaulding, IL just east of Elgin. On the point on this day from May of 1988 is the Soo Line 6368, a bandit ex-Milwaukee Road SD40-2. They gave it black patches and made it look like an outlaw on its own railroad–bastards. The tower there at Spaulding was preserved and is now at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL.


03.07.15 Hi! I was invited to a tour around the Bartlett Summer Show as were all those who had been given and had accepted an offer. My mind was blown to no end by the amazing pieces the current 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students were showing. Also kind of intimidated wondering if I could ever do something like that, though mostly I was excited at the prospect of getting to do the same projects. Got to meet with people from the interview process which was nice, to know that they also got in :D Hope you’ve all had a good week!