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(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 27 - BTS Psychological Test

[Air] Person I like: Rap Monster
[Sand] Person that likes me: J-Hope
[Rain] Person that gives me advice: V
[Ocean] Person that has an impact on me: Jimin
[Moon] Person that will forever protect me: Suga
[Snow] Person I want to be with forever: Jin

[Air] Person I like: Father
[Sand] Person that likes me: Younger sister
[Rain] Person that gives me advice: Jin
[Ocean] Person that has an impact on me: Mother
[Moon] Person that will forever protect me: Jimin
[Snow] Person I want to be with forever: Younger brother

Rap Monster:
[Air] Person I like: Father
[Sand] Person that likes me: Jimin
[Rain] Person that gives me advice: Rain sunbae
[Ocean] Person that has an impact on me: Mother
[Moon] Person that will forever protect me: Bang Shihyuk PD
[Snow] Person I want to be with forever: ARMY

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(TRANS) 10asia Magazine - 10 + Star BTS Interview

Unknowingly it’s already been two years since they debut. Telling the tale of teenagers’ dreams, happiness and love, wanting to play their own lovers, and giving out a warning to not test their feelings. Last June, they debuted in the music industry as Bangtan Boys with a hip hop style. They use their unique style that differentiates themselves from other idols to become an idol group that cannot and will not be replaced. This August they released their first full-length album ‘Dark & Wild,’ demonstrating the thoughts and troubles of those in their 10’s and 20’s. They are showing Bangtan Boys’ transition as youths to real men. They once again raised the bar for rap and vocal talent, and once again proved their outstanding musical talents. People are starting to notice and look forward to the 7-member group Bangtan Boys that is comprised of Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Exactly how much growth 'seeds’ is hidden behind the 'Sonyeon’ in their names? Besides, everyone also wishes to know how long this seed that blooms dazzling flowers will go through a period of 'red-hot’ time?

Q: I heard that in order to plan the choreography of 'Danger’ of your first full- length album Dark & Wild, you had to practice over 16 hours each day. Can you really do that?
Jimin: I feel that it’s hard to do if it’s that many hours in a day. Hahaha, but we try our best to practice for a longer time.

Jin: When we have schedules overseas, we will use the practice rooms there. In Korea we also keep up with practicing regularly.

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Different (Jin x Reader)

[A/N: A/D = Age Difference]


*5 missed calls* 

Y/N: Hey. Is everything alright? 

He didn’t reply back.

Y/N: Are the guys still coming over at yours?

You could clearly see that this pabo was reading your messages but not once had he attempted to reply back to them. 

Was he ignoring you? Did you perhaps do something wrong?

Your thoughts began to disturb you … But if he thought that you were going to run after him then he was wrong. If he seriously wanted to ignore you then two could play that game. 

You haven’t been in a relationship with Jin for that long. You were only together for three months. Sometimes, both of your differences pressured you into ending the relationship but you couldn’t let go of him. He was like your own, personal brand of drug. You were addicted to him, just the thought of inhaling his scent, touching him, let alone being with him drove you insane. By letting go of your addiction, you’d be letting so much more go and to be honest you were not ready to let go. 

You stayed plastered to his couch hoping that he would get home quickly before the night crept in, but just like your hope; daylight disappeared and darkness rose along with a cold bitter rush of wind that engulfed you into isolation. 

Soon the front door opened, without having time to process what was going on you jumped up on your feet ready to hit him out of frustration for worrying you but instead you just stood there. He dragged his feet heavily into the living room where no light was in sight. You could only see the outline of his figure in the dark so you quickly turned on the lights. 

He stood in the same spot for at least a minute “Jin” you inaudibly say. You realised that he didn’t hear you so you stood in front of him and intertwined your fingers in his. He pulled back away from your touch and acted as if you weren’t there. 

Jin could ignore you all he wanted but sooner or later he was going to need you. To him, you were also an addiction, possibly very illegal but so desirable and irresistible. As mentioned earlier your differences caused many problems. You were A/D years apart and had different cultures and traditions. 

He turned his back to you and spoke “Where’s dinner? I’m hungry" 

“I’m sorry, what?” you blinked a few times 

“I’m hungry.” He repeated himself 

You reached for his shoulder so that he would turn around “If you want to talk to me then face me. I find it very disrespectful to talk behind someone’s back” he finally looked at you but he was unamused 

“Listen, I’m not in the mood to mess about just give me the fucking food I’m fucking starving” the annoyance in his voice rose, you were quite shocked hearing all the foul language that came out from his mouth and soon you became aggravated too 

“I’m not giving you shit until you grow up, sit down and talk to me” You pointed at the couch as you spoke 

“You think that I’m not a grown man?” he smirked whilst sitting down on the couch and you took a seat next to him 

“Jin, honestly what’s up with you to-“ 

"Why did you not answer my calls?” He interrupted you,

You could feel your cheeks getting hot “My phone was on silent I-" 

"Why was your phone on silent?” Once again he interrupted you 

“Because Jin, I was cooking and then I went to take a bath” before he could say anything you said 

“Do you expect me to electrocute myself just so you can scold me at the other end of the line” he opened his mouth to speak but you held your index up to silence him 

“You’ve done your interrogation, now it’s my turn. Why the fuck are you ignoring me?“ 

He looked down away from you and mumbled "Because I’m not in the mood" 

You lifted his chin up "So instead of talking about your problems you just decide to sulk like a hormonal teenager. You’re the adult in this relationship. Yet, why do I feel like I’m the adult? Why are you being like this?" 

He turned his face away from you 

"Are you sure you want to ignore me? Because two can play that game Kim Seokjin." 

Finally, you had his full and utmost attention. He knew that when you called him by his full name that you were on the verge of breaking up with him. As you stood up to leave he grasped your wrist tightly in order to restrain you from leaving. He gently threw you on to the couch and hovered on top of you. Without a word he readied himself by taking both his shirt and trousers off. 

This was a side to Jin that you rarely got to see considering he always let you do what you wanted but today he seemed determined to dominate. As he took off your t-shirt which revealed your bare breast under, he trailed butterfly kisses along your jawline and collarbone all the way down to the space in between your breast. You moaned quietly but loud enough for him to hear you 

"Sh!” He snapped at you and you bit down on your lower lip to hold back any sounds of pleasure which were urging to escape out of your mouth as you felt his soft, smooth fingers drawing circular motions on your clit. 

Seeing you struggle to contain your pleasure only excited him even more, that’s when you noticed the huge bulge growing in his boxers. Your instant reaction was to massage it until each ounce of oxygen inhaled and exhaled by him were audible. Except, for the first time ever Jin held both of your hands in place, intertwining his fingers in yours and groaning 

“No touching. I’m in charge” at that point he took off your knickers and his nails dug deep into your hips as his grip hardened on your waist 

“You want a grown man? I’ll show you what a grown man can do." 

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anonymous asked:

what would composer line (rap monster, jhope, suga) do when you occasionally leave little post-it notes in their studio saying how much you love them, dinner is waiting for them at home, look after yourselves etc etc! a post-it note full of love and fluff just for them!

Rap Monster - He would love this. He would be working and recording in the studio, and suddenly come across a sticky not that tells him no to work too late or to make sure he eats and that you love him. He would stop what he is doing for a moment, reading over the note again and again, before smiling and placing it aside with his other things. He would love that you are there to leave him little reminders to stop and take a break, or to remember dates and events. He would especially love it when you leave encouraging notes for him before a comeback or concert. He would feel you love, and may even be inspired to use some of your words and actions in his songs. When he gets home, he would kiss your head and thank you. You might be a little confused, and then realize that he must have found your notes. 

J-Hope - Reaction king would nearly burst at the seams every time (in a good way). He would be working on a rap and life something up or move something, and a bright green (cuz green is his favorite color) sticky not with a loving message on it from you. I think the first couple of times, he would be close to tears. He works very hard, and doesn’t always have the time to see you. Of course, you understand this, and still go out of your way to tell him how much you love and care for him. He would come to love, and almost expect, these little miracle notes. He would love the little life reminders you leave him, and may even be inspired to leave some for you too. When he gets home, he would glomp you and tell you how much  he loves you. He would be filled with love and pride, happy to have some one like you who is always looking out for him any way you can. 

Suga - He would wonder when you had the time to get in there and leave them without him noticing. This kid practically lives in the studio, so for him to come in and see little notes left around would shock the hell out of him. Still, he would carefully read each one and smirk. You know his habits,and go out of your way to make sure he still takes care of himself. He would feel a little embarrassed sometimes if you are leaving love notes around for anyone to come across, but it would still mean a lot to him. You would leave notes saying you restocked the little fridge in the studio, and to tell him not to stay out past a certain time. Your notes bring him down to earth, and humble him. Even is he doesn’t express himself, or his feelings about your notes, but one day you will come across his lyrics notebook and notice that all your little notes are stuck in the back or between the pages. That’s how you know you are really doing something for him by leaving him notes. 

~Admin C

(TRANS) Oricon Style Vol. 19 - BTS Interview

-Regarding the ‘Danger’ title, is there anything that you think the members are too good at?
RM: My existence itself is already horrifying to the members (laughs). My body, my feelings… I’m a dangerous man (laughs).
All: …. (ignores)
JK: Suga hyung’s passion lately to music is amazing! We received a new studio recently and once Suga hyung goes in, he doesn’t come out for a long time.
JH: It’s really amazing
JK: Perhaps later when we release a Bangtan album, all of the songs will be composed by Suga hyung

-So that means there are songs that you might record into an album.
Suga: Yes!

-I’m really looking forward to it.
Jin: There’s another thing. I know a threatening side of Suga!

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BTS react to you going on a strict diet

Thank you anon, that means a lot. Also, thanks for the request. I’m sorry this took so long for me to complete

Note: Here’s the EXO version

J-Hope: *You agree to finally get help for your problem*“I know it’s not going to be easy but we can get through this,”

Jimin: “I’m worried about you,”

Jin: “We can get through this together,

Jungkook: "Babe, you don’t need all these diets. You’re perfect as you are, please stop trying to change that,”

Rap Monster: “Y/N, this whole health plan thing is getting out of control,”

Suga: *Watches you as you walk past, worried about how thin you’re getting*

V: “I don’t think this diet’s a good idea. You just finished one health plan, I think this is a bit extreme,”

anonymous asked:

What about BTS' reaction to walking in on you getting dressed (but you haven't done anything dirty yet because you wanted to wait until marriage for that) and are shocked that you have a really curvy body because you usually have baggy loose fitting clothes on

Jin - He would open the door, freeze, and then shout he’s sorry before slamming the door shut. He would be on the other side of the door, shocked at what he just took in. Curves… everywhere… how could he not know about that? He would wonder why you cover that luscious body with baggy clothes. Were you shy? Did some one or something make you feel insecure? Were people rude to you? He would be shocked, but still let you wear the clothes you want. He’s not the kind of person to just come out and talk about those kind of things, he is a gentleman after all. However, the next time you two go shopping together, he would point out a bunch of clothes that he thinks would look pretty on you. 

Suga - Would open the door, look you up and down, and then leave silently. He would go about his business as usual, maybe even say he is sorry for walking in on you, but wouldn’t make a big deal about it. He would wonder, however, why you chose to cover up all that. He isn’t much a person to judge others on the choices they make for themselves (unless they are bad or hurtful), but he knows you are a beautiful person, and wonders why you aren’t rockin’ that shit with pride. He would ask you if it because you are insecure. If the answer is yes, he would leave you to your own comfort, but maybe amp-up telling you that you are pretty. However, if it because some one else made you feel that you have to cover yourself, news flash, he’s gonna tell you that you don’t need to be affected by anyone’s shit. He would tell you to do what you like and forget about what others have to think. 

J-Hope - He would open the door, screech playfully, and then close the door. He would repeatedly say he’s sorry through the door until you tell him to go away. He would smirk every time he thinks of your curves, but wonder why you hide everything below such baggy clothes. He would ask you about it later, when you are less embarrassed about the incident. He would tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid to show such beauty off, and he might even be willing to take you shopping to find something to better suit you. It’s no joke that he loves spring weather, and would want you to be pretty and comfortable for the season in some pretty clothes. If you felt uncomfortable with some of the things he picks out, then he would meet you half way, and allow you both to pick things you like and try to meet in the middle. He just wants you to be your beautiful self, and be able to walk around with confidence instead of feeling like you have to hide everything. 

Rap Monster - He would open the door, do a little nervous jig, and then close the door. when you finish changing he would apologize for walking in.  He would wonder about those curves of yours, and how long you have been hiding them from him. But most of all, why? Did you need feel comfortable with yourself? With him? Did something happen in the past that made you feel insecure or hurt? He would wonder these questions a lot, to the point where he feels he needs to ask you about it. If there is something wrong, or something that he feels he can help you with, he wants to know. It upsets him to know that such a beautiful minded and bodied person is closing herself in from the owlr. dof course, he could probably see it if you find it to be tedious, a lot of curvy girls get harassed by people all the time, and he would hate for you to have to be exposed to that. but he’s hoping he can at least talk you into being a little more trusting with him. He respects your choice for not wanting to be sexual until after marriage, but he wants you to be confident in yourself, and one way to do that is to know that you have a rockin’ body and the right to say know to as many people as often as you like. It’s very empowering. 

Jimin - He is going to slam the door quickly when he walks in on you, but he is not going to be able to forget what he saw. Those curves would be ingrained in his mind forever. When you come out from changing, he would tease you a little about what he saw, before asking playfully why you hide yourself from him. He would know that you want to wait until marriage for sex, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy seeing you a little until then. He would wonder if you trust in his self control. He may be a goofy kid, and always want to have fun, but that last thing he wants you to think of him is that he is disrespectful or would push you into anything you don’t want. He would ask you for what reason you decided to hide your curves, and then ask if it were a possibility to see you in something a little more flattering. If it means going out shopping, you have picked the perfect guy. He would love shopping for some cuter clothes, and meet you half way in the decision making. He wants to see your curves a little more, but there are ways to do so without showing a bunch of skin. 

V - He would walk in, see your curves, blush, and then walk back out. He is a very affectionate person with the people he loves, so he would have some idea of what was beneath those baggy clothes of yours, but seeing it is a whole other story. He would be shocked by your beauty, and wonder why you didn’t share it. However, he would respect your decision in the clothes you decide to wear, he’s sure there is a good reason for it, and he would hate to put any pressure on you to change. However, I think he would be more clingy, eager to feel those curves below the tents you call clothes, and remember the glorious image he saw of your body. Don’t take this the wrong way though. He just wants you to know that he loves every part of you just the same, no matter what. 

Jungkook - He would walk in on you, gasp, and then high tail it out of there. He wouldn’t be able to forget your curves, but I think he is the one person who wouldn’t say anything about it. He would allow you to go on as you chose but still wonder to himself why you chose to dress like that. If anything, he would ask some one around you about it, to see if they know, because he would hate to confront you with it, seeming like he thought it was bad, and upset you. He would wonder if you had some bad experiences in the past, if some one made fun of you or harassed you. He would hate the idea of some one harassing you over it. You are a beautiful person in his eyes, and ultimately he just wants you to be able to comfortable. If that means wearing baggy clothes just because you like it, the so be it. But if it is because you are afraid or insecure, he would talk with his hyungs about maybe a way that he can help you come to terms. He wants you to be able to see yourself the way he sees you. 

~Admin C

Boy in Luv Smut Series - Jimin ver.

Even though you tried to focus on the blackboard in front of you and takes notes of what the teacher was saying, you couldn’t help but keep a one eye out on Jimin. He was acting weird the entire class. He couldn’t stay still for longer than couple of seconds, his lost gaze travelling from one side of the room to the other revealing that he looks like he’s about to faint any second now. When the teacher turned around to write on the blackboard, you took the opportunity.
“Are you okay?” You lipsynced to Jimin, but he just shook his head and turned back to the blackboard, loosing his tie.
“Mr. Park, is everything alright?” You realized you weren’t the only one noticing Jimin’s strange behaviour when the teacher turned towards his desk.
“I just, uhm, need to go out.” Jimin stuttered and rushed towards the door as soon as the teacher nodded as a sign of approval that he may leave the classroom. You never saw Jimin act this way and when minutes had passed and he still didn’t return from the bathroom - you got worried.
“Could I be excused?” You raised your hand and quietly left the classroom following Jimin’s footsteps.
Following the abandoned school corridors, you hesitated when you found yourself in front of the ajar doors of the boys bathroom. You peeked your head through the crack, hoping you wouldn’t catch anyone by surprise. But all your eyes saw were Jimin, rapidly splashing water over his face and the back of his neck, not noticing you just came in.
“Are you alright?” you slowly approached him, like you were afraid that he would melt down if you touched him.
“I’m fine Y/N, just get back to class.” Jimin walked back, leaning his back on the cold wall tiles, but you quickened your footsteps, placing one of your hands on his forehead.
“Jimin, you’re burning up!” you squaled as Jimin avoided eye contact. “You’re in no position to be in school, why did you come in the first place?” you scolded him, when in reality, you were just worried.
“I’m not sick, god damn it.” Jimin turned his head away from your eyes. “I’m just.. just go back to class. Please.” You slowly approached him and cupped his face, forcing him to make eye contact, but Jimin still seemed like he would rather be looking anywhere else but you. “Hey, talk to me.” You said with a silky, tranquil voice, but instead of a response, Jimin smacked his lips on yours as if he waited for this for a long time. You moved your hands from his face to his chest trying to pull him back, but instead you found yourself dragging his white shirt towards you. His tongue slithered into your mouth without asking permission, biting your lower lip to which you aggresively responded the same way, causing a hoarse moan to escape Jimin’s mouth. Just as you were reaching for his belt buckle, he pushed you away, desperation in his gaze making you want him even more.
“I said go back to class, Y/N. I’ll be right behind you.” He fixed his tie and pulled his fingers through his hair. But instead of taking his order, you picked up from where you two left off. Once again, you slowly approached him, driving his body to the wall. You mildly kissed the corner of his mouth. “Just trust me.” you murmured into his ear, biting his earlobe. You moved on, going lower, kissing the curve of his jawline, driving your tounge up and down his neck, giving gentle bites in between. He grabbed your hips and moved you closer to him, wanting to feel your body as much as possible. He leaned his head to the side, giving you full acess to his neck, which you used as full as possible. His throaty, hoarse moans only gave you more confidence to continue, playing with his belt buckle, untucking his shirt. As soon as your fingertips made contact with his burning skin, Jimin turned his head towards you, his eyes revealing lust and longing for what’s about to happen. You Unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt, just enough to reveal his collarbone, while your abrupt and impatient hands unbuckled his belt. Jimin let out a smirk, calling your name, but you placed a hand over his mouth, muffling his moan. “Keep quiet.” you ordered, and Jimin nodded. You palmed his erected dick and Jimin tiled his head backwards, both from pleasure and lust, thrusting his hips towards you to feel your swift fingers better. You ran your hand up and down, swirling over his tip with your thumb, before finally pulling his boxers down, taking his cock in your hand, and getting on your knees. Jimin’s gaze followed your body as you made your way to the ground, not breaking eye contact. Cold fingertips ran up and down his thighs before digging your nails into his skin, flicking the tip of his dick with your wet tongue. Jimin’s breathing quickened, and was now shallow. He tangled his fingers into your hair, still letting you lead the game. “Oh, god.” Jimin sighed trying to control his breathing as soon as your mouth took in the tip, your tongue swirling around it, making it moist. Slowly, with every thrust you took in more of his cock, and continued to bob your head. His reactions only gave you motivation to continue, dragging your tongue from his shaft all the way to the top, before taking it back in all at once, bobbing your head a little faster, but whenever Jimin pulled your hair, you would slowly back out, teasing him in the form of slowly kissing his tip, moving your hand to his cock, making swift strokes down its full lenght. You loved having the control. You loved the fact you could drive him insane to the point where he couldn’t do anything but tilt his head in all directions possible, thrusting his hips to feel you better, or tighting the grip around your head, you loved the look in his eyes, as if he would plead for you to continue. His reaction was your award for a job well done, so you decided to continue. Once again, you wrapped your lips around his dick, mildly sucking. His cock was glazed in a lustrous sheen of warm saliva, an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy took over his body, he bit his upper lip trying to control his voice, looming incredible amount of pleasure causing a change in his heart rate and breathing. His mind could not register anything else as he released into your craving mouth. Still holding the sperm in your mouth, you picked yourself up and looked at Jimin’s exhausted face. With a smirk, never breaking eye contact, you swallowed pleasingly as he was coming to his senses.
“We gotta get back to class.” You turned around. He was right behind you, slapping your ass and whispering. “Next class, I’m returning the favour.”


Author’s note:

The boy in luv era is every smut writer’s favorite era. I should make “Boy In Luv” smut series because yass

Thank you anon once again for making the request, hope you liked it.

- JokoMato