orioncomplex asked:

Bang Dammit now that I thought the title I have to go reread it.

Bang is part of a collection of stories that were written during an earlier iteration of fandom, so the central joke of it, the vocab in it – all of it would be verboten today. I think the reason I get as little hate for that story as I do is because it’s older, and a bit grandfathered in with like, due South fanfic or Sentinal stuff, and also that it’s not prominently in peoples’ minds. I end up thinking about stuff like this a lot, about changing social mores and the more extreme changing social mores and vocabulary in fandom especially. Bang, among other stories I wrote a decade or more ago, share a lot of so-called problematic elements that I could probably go back and re-edit, but the idea of it feels…I don’t know, inauthentic? Disingenuous? An attempt to kick some dust over a progression that came slowly, but that shows in the work? It’d feel like going back through my earliest fanfiction with the defter hand I have now to smooth out the ordinary rough edges of bad writing, even, and that would feel like hiding. I guess this is all to say, Bang is a reminder that I will take my bumps sometimes because I have a long and publicly accessible writing history on the internet. 

Safe to say.

Kaylor is real and girls are still very much in love as they were at the beginning. Truly happy to see them being so comfortable with each other. That little shyness is gone. And true pleasure to see Taylor being with her squad, enjoying time and not doing some clumsy charade!

Favorite Taylor, when she’s next to Karlie;>