Respect Your Elders
  • *Saitama and Genos visit Bang's dojo, the elder hero showing them how to trim bonsai trees*
  • Bang:It is a very therapeutic process. I believe it is something the two of you will benefit greatly from
  • *Bang looks over to the other two as Saitama and Genos have tree clippings stuck to their faces to look like Bang's mustache and eyebrows*
  • Saitama:....
  • Genos:....
  • Bang:.... What is wrong with you two?

I’ve seen so many posts these last days about Babys wishing for B.A.P to get more recognition more success and just for them to be okay and happy…this is just shows how much our baby fandom is suffering.
Eventho our B.A.P came back we didn’t think it will be like this ?
They have fought for their rights and they got dumped by their fans how bad is that? At first we said its Okay we will help them but we realised how bad the situation is
Before you never see babys like this,because we were good and satisfied of the evolution of their careers right?
But now we feel their pain. We feel their decline in fame….even variety shows that Used to call them like weekly idol didnt this comeback so most of babys are starting to worry.
All i wanna say is this is life.
We must be patient and Just hope for the best U never know what could happen in the futur ok?
Babys We are a Beautiful fandom !!
My first and last fandon.
Let’s work hard for our boys and show them love