So, this happened last night. Being a fan of Carach Angren for a few years now, I actually saw them live yesterday for the very first time. I can honestly say that they were one of the best bands I have seen live so far.
Ardek and Namtar were the first ones to come say hi to the fans and then a few minutes later, Seregor came out, too. I forgot my CD so I just got my phonecase signed.
Thank you, Carach Angren, for this amaaazing night!

I’m SOrRy sO HerES SOmE BanD AUs


-Woodwind!Person A has a grudge against Brass!Person B and so switches out all the mouthpieces in their section AU

-Continuation: Brass!Person B gets revenge by putting nasty tasting exotic spray on Person A’s reed

-Person A and Person B competing for drum major so they are hostile towards each other and end up both getting drum major and have to learn to work together AU

-Person A, who is next to Person B while marching, forgot their dot book and Person B covers for them AU

-Person B being late to get to their uniform on so Person A stops to help and Person B cant contain themselves because Person A is so close and wow i never knew you smelled so good-

-Person C along with Person D are Person A and B’s best friends and want them together so they volunteer them to do everything together but are found out AU

-Continuation: Person A and B reveal theyve been together the whole time, and thank Person C and D for letting them work together so much.

-Person B marching behind Person A and accidentally trips them causing Person A to land on top of Person B AU

-”I may have set fire to the flute sections dot books and now i have a herd of tiny girls running after me heLP” AU

-Person A tells Person B that the marching band is having a costume party/contest but is lying, Person B shows up as a hot dog (etc,) when no one else is dressed up and is now out to murder Person A

-Freshman!Person A and 8th grader!Person B trying to keep up with the upperclassmen so they practice together and actually get really good while developing feelings for the other AU

-Long lived rivalry between two sections + a forbidden love between Person A and B.

-Person B refusing to get a ride home from person A adamantly even though its 30 minutes after when theyre supposed to leave. 

-Continuation: Person A finally dragging them along to find out they didnt want a ride because their mom/dad is an abusive drunk.

-Person A and B being from the same section and facing off with another couple from a rival section to show theyre better/cuter

-Person A and B being seniors and winning their last competition and during the excitement Person A kisses Person B in the middle of the football field. 

-Person A being super hardcore but Person B finds out they help out at the middle school with band in their free time.

-Person A being big and playing piccolo and Person B being tiny and play tuba, making a dynamic couple.

-”The whole band ships us together and we know it but i actually do really like you but im shy” AU

-Person A and B in the same section and Person A is the best and Person B is the worst but Person B starts practicing like crazy and starts to surpass Person a because of the rivalry they had in middle school.

-Person A and B fighting over who Person C Likes more

-Person A bringing Person B food on the band bus as everyone oohs and ahhs but theyre doing it because they know Person B’s family is going through a rough patch

-Trombone!Person A challenges Trombone!Person B to a trombone swordfight

-Trumpet!Person A being super stubborn and challenges Trumpet!Person B to see who can play higher and ends up passing out. Person B has to call an ambulance.

((I hope you liked these! Band AUs are the only thing im super good at, if youd like a part two, tell me! I love writing these! Byee~))