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ah this blog is great! I was wondering if I could ask what baekpercent would be like as boyfriends (i hope thats not too broad a question? I guess to narrow it down i wanna know how they'd treat you/pet names that they'd use or something like that) if the 5 member rule still applies then just for jonghwan, rokhyun, minwoo, chanyong, and changbum please ^^ you guys are great, keep up the good work! <3

Yes, this rule still applies! Thank you for being so attentive! Sorry for the long wait and hope you enjoy this answer and have a nice day! <3 I`ll write about their good traits as boyfriends here.

 What am I doing, trying to get away from homework till midnight again. Another sleepless night is ahead I guess ;D


Jonghwan: Hmm.. pet names… I think that Jonghwan would make up a very special nickname for you. He would probably use your name to make it, turning it into a funny or a cute word that only you two and your close friends would understand (as well as some random smartasses). Jonghwan would be the boyfriend who always sends those “Good morning” and “good night” texts without any reminders from your side. He would not waste his talent while dating too, serenading for you on a regular basis (not too often though, otherwise you may get sick of it soon, right?).

Rockhyun: This one would be so uncertain about the pet names, he would call you everything that he thinks is cute! If he thinks that beavers are cute, he`d call you that. If he sees a doughnut with a lovely pattern on it, your new developed pet name would be doughnut. I believe that Rockhyun is someone who has nice senses as a boyfriend. He would be the lovely lively boyfriend who gives you all his attention when you are in a good mood and crave his attention, but he would also give you some personal space when you need it. He would respect you and your interests, your moral rules (if you`ve decided to follow some specific rules).

Minwoo:Oh, Seo Minwoo. One of those ageless leaders we admire… I honestly believe he would call his girlfriend something classy, some nicknames that every normal couple uses, such as “honey”, “baby” and “sweetie”. Despite the lack of unique and original names it would be endearing and pleasing since he would put so much love in these cute names. On a daily basis, he would always send you text messages in order to make sure you weren`t feeling unwell and that you ate your lunch whenever he has the time to do so. He would take you out on surprise dates and sincerely love you the way you are. Moreover, your little imperfections would make him fall in love with you even more because it is just so real, so humanly…

Chanyong: This one would be uncertain about the pet name for you as well. However, he would call you the names which suited the situation you were experiencing (hope I explained it?) and most of them if going to be funny. Not in a mean way though! Overall, Chanyong would be the awkwardly caring boyfriend. He always wants to help you, but when you are feeling down, he isn`t sure what would make you better at this point so he may stay away in order not to harm you even more. 

Changbum: Would totally call you the animal names, such as “kitten”, “little squirrel”, “puppy” and so on. Actually, it depends on which animal you remind him of. Kids, we`ve got a gentleman here. Jokes aside, he is going to treat you like a queen. No, like the Empress of the entire universe! This is his way of expressing his love for you. Don`t you ever doubt his love. He would always make you some tea while you are working or on the phone with your relatives/friends. I can kinda see him writing a letter to your mother, saying how thankful he is because you were born. The message is going to be hilariously cheesy, but sweet and sincere. Your relatives are going to love your boyfriend.


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to our fake maknae.. infinitely positive baby.. human mp3 player.. noraebang addict.. cute as a hamster Jang Hyukjin.. Happy Happy Birthday bb~~!! ♥

your presence alone in baekpo can make everyone happy already.. much more when we hear you sing and belt all those high notes like it was nothing.  I am so proud that baekpo have you in their vocal line.. you love OST’s so much so i am wishing that you’ll be able to sing an OST for a drama or movie next year.. ^^

your smile is like a ray of sunshine.. it never fails to brighten up my day.. keep smiling bb, don’t lose that positive and happy spirit.. it’s one of your treasures.. and also.. idk about the other fans but for me, you don’t have to push yourself too hard just to lose fats and have abs just to please people around you. I want you to lose weight because you want to.. if it will make you feel good.. go for it.. just don’t let the pressure gets on you.. We love you for who you are.. fluffy or muscular.. We love 100%’s Hyukjin but we love the Jang Hyukjin, as a person, more..

Wishing you all the best this world can offer.. be happy.. be healthy.. always be positive.. again, Happy Birthday Hyukjin-ah!! Enjoy your day!!


The c-clown fan that filmed me talking to Minwoo finally sent me the video!

I can’t stop watching it haha ;u;; I subbed it explaining everything so you all can come and drown in feels with me lol

(turn annotations on!)


140317 쇼케이스 :: 향수뿌리지마..ㅠㅠ 백퍼센트 종환

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