YugBam Headcanon Dump


  • bambam waking up at the ass crack of dawn one day because his bf senses were tingling and he finds yugyeom sitting up in his bed shaking and almost crying and hes just “gyeom??” in a tired lil voice and yugyeom practically apparates across the room so he can gather bambam in his arms and bury his face in the smaller boy’s hair and neither of them say anything because bambam just knows, but from that day on whenever yugyeom has nightmares he always ends up sleeping in bambam’s bed, no questions asked
  • bambam not being able to sleep and crawling into yugyeoms bed at 3 am to be greeted by a momentarily confused yugyeom but then yugyeom pulling the smaller 97 liner into his broad ass chest and bambam miraculously falling asleep within the next ten minutes because maybe he just needed a lil warmth or somebody to cuddle with i am
  • bambam staying up late and eating cereal at like 1 am and yugyeom not being able to sleep so he goes into the kitchen to find bambam literally eating all of their breakfast foods and he just stares for a second and then sighs and sits down next to him and is all “can you hand me a bowl?” and thats how jinyoung finds the two of them the next morning - empty cereal bowls pushed to the middle of the table with the boys laying their heads down on it, one of yugyeoms hands at the small of bambams back 
  • yugyeom just sitting on the couch or on the ground after practice or anywhere, just sitting, and bambam literally sitting down in his lap because “its the best seat in the house” - yugyeom gets so used to it that wrapping his arms around bambams waist becomes an involuntary motion whenever this happens
  • bambam not being able to reach the stuff they keep at the very top of their cabinets and yugyeom giggling behind his hand a few feet away until bambam turns around to glare at him and yugyeom just smiles really big and gets it down for him 
  • bambam getting pissed about something and ranting on and on about it in front of all of got7 and eventually yugyeom wraps his arms around him from behind and carries him out of the room
  • yugyeom staying in the practice rooms really late, way later than even JB to practice his dancing and just randomly freestyling stuff and way after the others have gone to sleep bambam always finds himself back at the practice room with food
  • yugyeom hijacking bambams twitter at one point and just posting a bunch of pictures of them together in rapid succession
  • yugyeom’s phone lockscreen and wallpaper being a picture of a bambam selfie with yugyeom kissing his cheek and bambam’s being a yugyeom selfie with bambam kissing his cheek
  • yugyeom falling asleep in weird ass places like at the dinner table or on the couch while watching the news or even while leaning against the wall and bambam always putting his jacket over yugyeom’s broad shoulders as well as he can or pulling a half awake yugyeom to bed and tucking him in and pressing a kiss to his forehead and yugyeom pulling bambam into bed with him
  • bambam having a ridiculous amount of gifs of yugyeom dancing saved to his phone
  • yugyeom always having an arm around the other boy’s shoulder or waist or even just pinkies linked together it doesnt matter he just always has to be touching bambam
  • s o m u c h f o r e h e a d k i s s i n g because yugyeom doesnt always like leaning down so far and bambam likes how it feels to have yugyeoms large frame engulfing his more petite one and resting his head on the maknae’s chest while yugyeom presses kisses into his hair
  • bambam running his hands through yugyeom’s hair whenever he can, esp in the mornings right after they’ve both woken up because thats when its the softest and silkiest
  • yugyeom stealing bambam’s phone and taking like ten million selfies on it in various lighting and bambam going back and deleting most of them but keeping his favorites saved
  • whenever they’re apart (its very rare, though) theyre facetiming or skyping like 90% of that time and, ofc, screenshotting whenever their SO looks dumb
  • taking care of each other when they’re drunk
  • yugyeom burrowing his face into bambam’s neck whenever he can because for some reason bambam is always always always warm
  • bambam loving nothing more than the feeling of yugyeom’s arms around him, their legs intertwined, and them facing each other and just talking and giggling about anything and everything in hushed whispers
  • always getting interrupted by the other members when doing anything like play fighting?? one of the other five will come in, throw a condom at them, and say something about safe sex. going out for a date??? somebody will show up because “oh i just saw you guys through the window while walking CoCo, is that tea?”
  • waking up and going to sleep together, always, and always saying “i love you” before going to sleep to each other

jlakjdkfljsdklfj i just love yugbam fml




I will feel empty if I dont hear his squawk when they perform baebae 

Cutie pie! #SEUNGRI #BAEBAE #BIGBANG #MADE 😍😍😍#VI 😻😻😻💋💋💋

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