(BAP Ver.)Mafia!AU x ArrangedMarriage!AU: When you refuse to accept the marriage and get caught trying to escape him…by him.

Jongup: *He literally jumps down from the third floor window when he sees you and lands right in front of you.*

I’m sorry, baby, but our bedroom is upstairs to the right. You gonna go yourself or do you want my assistance?
You: N-No, no, i’m fine! I was just-

Nah, I think you’re too mobile for my taste, babe. Bring it on in…

Daehyun: *You make for the bathroom because you saw a window with no bars in there but you instead find Daehyun getting ready for his bath.*

My, my, look at this surprise present. What’s wrong, honey? You couldn’t wait until our honeymoon to see me naked?

Youngjae: *You wait until night falls and sneak out the kitchen but you run into Youngjae who is bringing in groceries.*

Girl, you have five seconds to back up. One, two,…


Baby, the more you try to escape, the worse my headache gets. If you keep this up, I’ll make your legs ache in exchange, got it?


I’m going to give you a one hour head start, baby, and if you don’t make it out of the country by that time then I am going to come for you and we’ll have the ceremony right there and then we’re going to have our honeymoon.

Zelo: *You make it to the front door and the edge of the yard, running until you come to a basketball court where your breath hitches upon seeing Zelo and two others playing together. You run passed, presuming that you were undetected.*
Zelo, aren’t you going to go after her?

Nah, I like hunting my dinner more than actually catching it.
*You run for hours until you finally stop for a breath inside the woods but you hear a branch snap behind you, you don’t waste time screaming, you just make a run for it but you’re too tired and Zelo comes up behind you with your arm in his tight grip.*

I like it when you run from me, it makes me even hungrier.


Happy Holidays From B.A.P!

Hey guys, I got a little time to spare during the holidays, so I thought why not give you guys a little treat? :) I was gonna do individual E-cards like a tiny Drawing Request thing but I’m short of time ><

But, I hope this makes it up? hehe~^^ Btw I was inspired by this post here edited by the lovely nana950914 :D

Anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone and smiles to you all~~^u^



She met EXO, B.A.P, Teen Top and others. Oh and all of EXO bowed to her, and some of the groups kept going to “use” the bathroom and walking outside to pretend like they’re talking on their phone basically finding excuses to walk outside of their dressing room just to look at them ^_^ aren’t they obvious! (mostly EXO & Teen Top did that).