Austin Police Kill Mentally Ill Man During Welfare Check

An Austin, Texas, man called 9-1-1 early Sunday morning, crying, and reportedly sounding suicidal. Instead of showing up and saving the man’s life, the police decided to take it themselves.

When officers arrived to do a welfare check on the man, Richard Munroe, a 25-year-old white man, they claim that he had a weapon in his waistband.

It later turned out to be a BB gun.

Carrying a weapon in Austin, Texas, is not against the law. These officers shot first, questioned later.

HI OKAY dear (very) chubby Austin, tx girlz*!!! I will be dropping off a lot of chubby clothes at the savers on south Lamar this afternoon! There are some dresses and workout stuff and sports bras! Like a lot of good just that is just a bit too tiny for me right now!!!

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IMHO, there is no competition in the sugar bowl, because if you’re doing your job correctly, then you should be able to keep your guy happy and your wallet full.

That’s all that matters.

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WATCH: “Sugarless Tea”

Sugarless Tea takes viewers on a journey to India and Queens, NY, in a tale of separated brothers, chance meetings and identity. Brought to you by KLRU-TV, Austin PBS.

anonymous asked:

Are you going to put Bill Cosby on the blacklist for TV shows?

Yeah, he’s on the list.

Just for point of reference, we blacklist content creators who are R*ists, pedophiles, or who include gratuitous R themes in their work regularly. But! We don’t always think to add people ourselves (Bill Cosby being a great example, and Eminem - who we just added last week - being another) just because we’re working on adding content so always feel free to submit content creators to blacklist if you know of any! If you can, also include some sort of reference backing up the fact that they have exhibited problematic behaviors so we can post it.

- Austin

Show Preview: Elvis Depressedly + Mitski @ Mohawk (7.8)

There’s a great deal of shows coming through town this week, and it just so happens that one of my favorite acts is on that list, Elvis Depressedly.  I first caught on to the act via my love of Coma Cinema, which is Mat Cothran’s solo project.  It’s all part of the lo-fi pop movement, though there are definitely some more abstract and strange movements going on within the project. They bring their new effort, New Alhambra, which has been well-received, especially by me!  They’ll be joining friends Mitski on stage, along with highly-touted newcomers, Eskimeaux. Doors will open for this gig at 8 PM, and you can grab $12 tickets HERE.

Show Preview: Elvis Depressedly + Mitski @ Mohawk (7.8) was originally published on Austin Town Hall