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I've kinda noticed that when pacifist Aang gets overwhelmed (seeing Gyatso's skeleton, finding out Appa was muzzled) his reaction is to destroy, but when aggressive Korra gets overwhelmed (getting attacked on Aang Memorial Island, getting called a half-baked Avatar), her reaction is to cry. Which is the exact opposite you would think about these two. I just found that interesting. Thought I'd share.

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AtLA Book One AU Questions: What would happen if Katara and Sokka didn't accidentally steer their canoe into a rip current and it resulted in both siblings never meeting Aang and Appa? What happens if Zuko wasn't able to find the Avatar and, after long periods of time, became VERY restless and irritated over not being able to succeed in his goal? And finally, what if Aang and Appa were STILL trapped inside the iceberg they're in?

1. Katara wouldn’t have become Aang’s bitch and she would’ve discovered her own style of water bending and Sokka wouldn’t have had to be parted from his dearly beloved boomerang

2. Zuko would’ve been able to realize that he can regain his honor elsewhere without the Avatar. Iroh would have some calming advice and tea to soothe his nephew and they’d settle in a nice place in the Earth Kingdom since Zuko can’t return to the Fire Nation. He wouldn’t have gotten with Mai (since he doesn’t return with Azula after “regaining his honor”).

3. The fight against Ozai would still occur since the rebellion continues despite the world thinking Aang was dead for a period of time during Book Three. Katara and Sokka would’ve joined Hakoda in the fight against the evil Firelord and Zuko would find a calling to the rebellion to free the Fire Nation of his father. He’d then meet Katara there and fall in love with her without a pesky Airbender getting in the way and then they’d get married and have kids

(sorry if my bias and personal opinion just came out in this post, but then again, I’m not that sorry 🙃)

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tbh zuko in his Prince Zuko™ phase was the most dramatic character in the history of fiction, i mean he just went on ridiculous rants and speeches constantly. they seemed so well prepared too, like did he practice?? who remembers when he shrieked and sobbed at lightning?? who remembers when he decided to rant about his feelings to aang while aang was literally in the spirit world and physically incapable of hearing him?? who remembers when iroh was like “calm down my guy” and he screamed “I’M COMPLETELY CALM” then set his room on fire?? he’s so unsubtle, not a lick of slyness in his body, he literally told everyone about his daddy problems constantly it was unbearable