AKA The Aggression Form or The Way of the Hawk-Bat.

Ataru is the name given to the movements of this form—though it is aggressive, it is focused, and its best use is in combat against a single opponent.

Form IV is, simply put, the direct opposite of Form III. While Soresu is the unyielding defence, Ataru is the crushing offence. The Form IV users are known for being either incredibly agile or devastatingly strong, doesn’t matter if it’s attacking or blocking.

The whole body of the practitioner is a weapon, not just the lightsaber. Punches, kicks, leg sweeps, whatever is needed goes.

Positive Aspects: with the Force-boosted strength and agility, strikes come from almost any direction, with blade and body rotating in any of three axis.

Form IV users know the battle has to be ended quickly so they do it in such a manner that the rest of their opponent won’t feel like they should engage in newer combats - that is, if anyone is left standing.

Negative Aspects: like Form II, Form IV is weak against many adversaries and blaster fire, but that can be overcome with honed skills.

Ataru also demands a lot of space for most of its “performance”, making cramped spaces the worst place for a Form IV user.

Also, unlike Makashi, Ataru users are very susceptible to tiredness and fatigue. The longer the battle takes, the harsher it gets to the practitioner to keep up with the battle rhythm and the easier it is for their defence to be left open.

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It was late in the evening, and Ryuunosuke was walking back home from the public baths, soap and bucket in hand. Ryuunosuke was slightly on edge, however: it felt like there was a suspicious presence behind her, following her.

After turning a corner, she took a couple more steps before whirling around on her stalker. “Who’s there?!”

So I just watched the Maris the Chojo OVA, and there is a whole scene on Planet Oween that is basically 2 minutes of cameo appearances of the UY cast.

There’s Lum,


that pool demon,


Ryuunosuke and her father.

Before my computer crashed in August I had tons of cameo appearances from UY (mostly Maison Ikkoku), but sadly I lost them all.