Sorry to spoil the emotional climax of this 34 year old episode but I’ve never really seen a photoset about it so here we are. 

This is just one of those scenes that really solidifies why I really like Ataru and why he’s a lot more interesting than people give him credit for. Unlike a lot Takahashi’s male protagonists, Ataru doesn’t really have any special fighting abilities or redeemable qualities - he’s just a normal teenage asshole. But look, he’s ready to fight someone with an antique chair with snot running down his face.

The anime staff ended up taking a bit of liberties with Ataru’s character and the series’ tone (this episode being one of them), to the point that it kind of bugged Takahashi, but I really like when they got experimental and tried to do more artsy serious episodes because we got to see sides of these characters that we normally wouldn’t have 

“I am glad that you are safe”

Listen, after watching  @artistefish  drawings about TTTF, I need Ataru saving her and a guilty pleasure of mine is that he kisses her wound in a  gentle way without thinking because he was so worried abouy her, I know that is not gonna happen but is okay to dream. 

Also I know that in the draw she is in her bikini but I wanted to draw her in her uniform because she looks so cute in that