Guys, Here’s Part 1 Of The Overchele Fanfiction…

We just wanted to run away, nothing more. Instead of that we became part of one of the biggest secrets in Hollywood.

Let me just introduce us, Vicki and Mayte, two girls from Europe who wanted to travel. We ran away from home and traveled along with the Glee Live tour, when it finished we settled down in LA, it had always felt like home, from the first time we got there…

So where do we stand now ? We’re living here now for like 5 months and since two weeks we had new neighbors…

“Maybe we should visit them, bring them some cookies or something…” Vicki suggested. I nodded and shrugged. “I don’t know Vick, we kinda live in a private neighborhood. Not everybody wants to get to know their neighbors” she smiled and walked to the kitchen, returning with a plate of cookies.

“well, we can always try” she put on some flats and turned to me. “ you coming?” I frowned but gave in putting on my flats as well.

“yeah okay”

we got out of the house and walked to the gate of the house to the right of ours. I pushed the bell at the gate and a light buzz was heard.

“yes, who’s there?” a womans voice said. The voice sounded familiar and frowned as I tried to recall who it was.

‘Hi, uhm, Vicki and Mayte, your neighbors, we brought you some cookies’’ Vicki said, eyeing me while I was still thinking.

“come in” the voice said and the gate slowly opened. We walked past the gate, towards the door. It opened and we saw a young woman, around her twenties, her brown hair resting on her shoulders and wearing a pair of sunglasses. Which was weird, who wore sunglasses inside her own house?

She smiled and opened the door more. “Come in, I’m Lea… ” she said looking down, when we were inside the house she quickly closed the door again and got rid of her glasses. We both immediately recognized her…

We both gasped and Vicki dropped the plate. “you- you’re Lea Michele, star of Glee and Spring Awakening.” I managed to get out. She gave a little nod and looked at us with a weird look in her eyes.

“please, don’t tell anybody I live here, I finally settled down.” we were both in shock so we just nodded. “what about I clean up these cookies, you sit down in the salon and I’ll get you something to drink” we nodded again and walked to the room that she had pointed out. We sat down and looked at eachother. A smile appearing on both of us faces. We could read eachothers mind at that time 'we’re in Lea Micheles house and she lives next to us’ Lea returned with 3 cans of Pepsi and handed it to us. We were just chatting and laughing when we heard a male voice

“Lea? Baby, where are you ?”

Hope You Guys Liked It… Picturecredit Goes To ASongForVicki

So, I was droodling in my german book and i wrote like my tumblr besties name and figured i’d post this because I love her so freaking much and i want to tell her that i’m really sorry that i’m so behind on the overchele fic. But i swear there will be lots of Nash/Vicki because you love that ! Xx