The real tragedy of the book to show conversion is that the sand snakes actually wanted to crown Myrcella, not kill her.

See, Dorne is the only kingdom that treats women as if they’re equals. Women inherit lands and titles there. In fact, Doran actually has a daughter, Arienne, who leads the sand snakes in this plot. Oh, and she’s the crown princess of Dorne. Trystane is such a minor character.

They want to crown Myrcella, because according to Dornish law, she should have rightfully become the next ruler of Westeros instead of Tommen. Their revenge on Kings Landing isn’t to kill another Lannister, it’s literally to create a civil war against patriarchy. To make the Lannisters chose a side.

So by erasing Arienne, and making the sand snakes entire plot revolve around wanting to kill an innocent girl, the show really destroyed one of the best plot lines and kingdoms in the books.


Coins are used in the Seven Kingdoms, chiefly Gold Dragons, Silver Stags and Copper Stars. Gold Dragons are used mostly used by rich merchants and noble lords and ladies, while smallfolk tend to exchange copper and silver coins. The current currency was established shortly after the unification of the Seven Kingdoms following the War of Conquest and was used through the whole Targaryen rule and continued after Robert’s Rebellion 

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  1. Jon beheading Janos Slynt and him uttering the most subtly badass line in the series: “Edd, fetch me a block”. WRECK EMMMM
  2. Jon yelling “I’M NOT YOUR SON” to Benjen when he called him “son” and running out crying from the feasting hall but also running into a serving girl on the way out lmao my poor child
  3. Literally every time Jon talks to Ghost or other animals, may fav has to be when he called Ghost a “traitor” for alerting the men of the night’s watch to his position when he tried to run away lmao
  4. When Ghost leapt on Tyrion after Tyrion made Jon angry (and you guessed it, close to tears) and when Tyrion told Jon to get him off, Jon says “Ask me nicely” HONESTLY WHAT KIND OF CHEEK…..
  5. Jon capturing Ygritte then asking her to tell him a story omg
  6. “I wanted to kiss you there” had me blushing like a mom reading her sons sexts that was VILE (and genius)
  7. When Tormund asks Jon why he won’t sleep with Ygritte and if he doesn’t like her and Jon responds: “No, but I… I am still too young to wed.” Granted that was just a cover to avoid being questioned about it but O M G THAT’S HONESTLY THE MOST PRECIOUS RESPONSE
  8. Jon purposefully omitting himself when they found the direwolf pups and saying that there’s five pups for Ned’s five children. It’s just such a sad and noble moment (but the gods loved him enough to find him the runt of the litter THANK GOODNESS)
  9. Jon dwelling on Mance’s promise to save Arya from Winterfell ;___; this passage in particular destroys me every time: It had been so long since he had last seen Arya. What would she look like now? Would he even know her? Arya Underfoot. Her face was always dirty. Would she still have that little sword he’d had Mikken forge for her? Stick them with the pointy end, he’d told her. Wisdom for her wedding night if half of what he heard of Ramsay Snow was true. Bring her home, Mance. I saved your son from Melisandre,and now I am about to save four thousand of your free folk. You owe me this one little girl. It’s especially heartbreaking bc when he says “Bring her home” he means home to him, not Winterfell and that’s just…….. too much
  10. Jon’s exchange with Cregan Karstark in the ice cell he threw him in lmao he was so sassy throughout the whole thing (my fav part was in my description for a while: “If you mean to kill me, do it and be damned for a kinslayer. Stark and Karstark are one blood.”
    “My name is Snow.”
    “Guilty. Of that, at least.”)


GOT/ASOIAF AU ♔ The Night’s Watch, a Sisterhood

When the wall was erected in the North after the Long Night thousands of years ago, no men volunteered to guard it. In the warmest Summer, it was cold, and ice and snow threatened to hide the wall and all its posts, even when the Night’s Watch was in its former glory and all castles stood guarding the realm. And why would a highborn son give up land, glory and honor for the cold, lonesome Night’s Watch?

Of course, with no other volunteers, few lowborn men and a handful of fifth or sixth born sons volunteered to hold the Watch and its posts, but as the years passed and Summers and Winters came and went, the Long Night that had inspired the once glorious Night’s Watch was long gone, and to the men of Westeros the Watch had lost its purpose.

But where there were no sons or men to guard it, there were always the women. It began with those who were lowborn and grew up on or just South of the wall, who had known Winter, been told the stories their mothers and mothers’ mothers had told them as they had done their wifely chores and needlework—a time where dead men had came in the darkness. They eventually forged and took up their own swords as the Brotherhood dwindled in number, and after time had passed and no men had been left at the wall, took it upon themselves to defend it.

Two hundred years later, they had become a Sisterhood. And while the agreement in Westeros was silent, the silence was as good as compliance.

In the present day, the Sisterhood of the Night’s Watch allows any willing woman to take the black, whether their reasons be their will to defend the realm, an escape from lowborn life, an escape from an arranged marriage, or even as a means to reclaim her independence. Regardless, the Night’s Watch still stands, guarding the realm from what still lurks beyond the wall.…


Bran felt all cold inside. “S h e   l o s t   h e r   w o l f,” he said, weakly, remembering the day when four of his father’s guardsmen had returned from the south with Lady’s bones.

L a d y,” she whimpered softly, wondering if she would meet her wolf again when she was dead.


a song of ice and fire + lesser houses per region (plus one extinct house)
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          Janet Montgomery as Betha Blackwood, Santiago Cabrera as Arthur Dayne,  Natalia Wörner as Maege Mormont