Apocalypse Mornings

as the stars crystallize

so will my eyes

before I give up on this

I had a feeling 

I was real and 

I could catch my questions like 

a mermaid in the sand 

There was a song 

and it was long, longer than any other

it was mine and

i guess it was fine but

it wasn’t anything special

until I had a moment of peace 

in the midst of apocalyptic mornings

to give a smile and a bit of soliloquy

before the end


I tore up the morning 

with handfuls of TNT

and I gave up my serenity for a taste of the sun

I had no other hope

no rhyme or reason to help me cope

But I had fire in my eyes and in my hands

I lifted up my head

I gathered up the dead and 

catapulted souls to angels 

in their individual perfect heavens

while hell rained down on me

my crystal eyes could see through smoke and ash

that I was not alone

You were there across the street

standing with angels at your feet

ready to remember how to fly before you fell

and apocalypse mornings 

gave me something more

to fight for

Hey, I’m looking for blogs to follow on my post-apocalypse inspiration blog, celadonmenagerie.  I want stuff like post-apocalyptic clothes (not weird black outfits with zippers but layered coats and old boots and the sort of things you’d cobble together out of whatever you found), abandoned places, artwork, gifs, etc.  Any suggestions?