Aoi describes to everyone the underwear he is wearing today (Rajigaze Jan 20)

(Dark Side Mail)

Reita: “I love Aoi so much that for a while now I’ve really wanted to know what kind of underwear he wears. I wonder what shape and colour underwear he wears, sometimes I can’t even sleep at night. My dark side just keeps getting deeper. Aoi-san, please tell me so I don’t disappear into the darkness, what kind of underwear are you wearing today??” 

(both laughing)

(both make ojisan sighing noises)

Reita: I guess women care about the colour of men’s underwear, too.

Aoi: Yeah…

Reita: I wonder what colour they like? 

Aoi: Yeah I don’t know! But recently guys wear mostly boxers right?

Reita: Yeah you’re right! 

Aoi: And there’s so many different patterns!

Reita: Oh I just always wear plain black ones…(starts laughing) but you wear pretty flashy underwear don’t you Aoi-san??

Aoi: Yes I do! Very very flashy ones.

Reita: (laughing) You do! Like almost psychedelic.

Aoi: Yes, psychedelic. 

Reita: Are you wearing psychedelic underwear today?

Aoi: Probably.

(Reita bursts our laughing)

Aoi: I don’t really have any plain ones

Reita: Oh you don’t?

Aoi: Yeah, the only time I’ll wear plain underwear is if I shower after a live and I have no underwear to change into, then the stylist gives me some. 

Reita: Ah.

Aoi: Their own underwear I mean.

Reita: WHAT!!! You perv!!!!

(Aoi laughing)

Reita: They give you some that they had ready for you right

Aoi: Yes yes yes yes, and that’s the only time.

Reita: Ah…..also Kai wears like…Disney underwear (laughing)

Aoi: Yeahh….like idk if I have any Disney but

Reita: He has like Mickey and stuff

(both laughing v hard)

Aoi: Some 3D stuff

(wtf is 3D underwear)

Reita: But yeah I normally just wear plain ones. I can’t be bothered so I just buy a bunch of the same one. 

Aoi: Ahh….

Reita: Like I do have different patterns, but I have a bunch of the same kind you know….maybe I’ll try getting different ones! I wanna have more fun with my underwear. 

(both laugh)

Reita: Nice…so what kind of underwear are you wearing today? You don’t have to go into too much detail if u don’t want to

Aoi: Ahh today….I havee… (I really hope he is checking rn) so they’re pink

Reita: HHHH-

Aoi: And there’s hot air balloons on them


(both laughing)

Aoi: They have like a sky-blue and…white pattern and…yeah just cheerful underwear with a bunch of hot air balloons floating around you know?

Reita: (laughing) Ok so a pink background, with hot air balloons. Pls everyone imagine this. 

Aoi: Yes