I’m just totally overwhelmed and pleased beyond words that I can say that this little blog that I started on a whim has now passed 700 followers. I really can’t thank any of you enough for taking the time to actually click the follow button, for constantly giving likes and reblogs to all FYA posts, and for supporting both us and Kaolu himself. I could say thank you, thank you, thank you for seven hundred days in a row, but I didn’t think that would be very productive… so instead I decided to do a major giveaway with seven winners!! :)

The prizes this time include just the perfect things to make the summertime fun: a variety of magazines featuring articles with hair/make done by our fabulous Asanuma, a large assortment of earrings, some Disney piercings, decorative glasses, nail seal sets, ombre hair extensions, cute and helpful BABY LIPS lip balm (spf20, 8 hour moisture, in regular and pink glow types), handy canvas pouches, heartbeat necklaces, and a collection of cute Japanese snacks (including Poiful,  fruit-flavor jelly beans, Ramune candy in melon and pineapple, and everyone’s favorite, Koala March, in chocolate and strawberry flavors).
**Snack flavors and lip balm types are chosen at random. 
**I tried to find magazines which have articles that have the Asanuma artist credit, but as it turned out I also had to include a few ROCK&READ editions which actually do not have his work in them, but are very enjoyable nonetheless. 
**ROCK&READ editions included in the prize selection: 52 (front cover Ryutaro/Plastic Tree), 51 (front cover Aoi/the GazettE), 52 (front cover Sakito/Nightmare), 50 (front cover Kiyoharu/Kuroyume). All ROCK&READ issues come with the original photocard.

For more detailed photos of the prizes, click here :)

FIRST PRIZE (1 recipient):

  • One copy of the opening edition of Stuppy magazine (featuring Ruki - original poster included)
  • Choice of one ROCK&READ magazine
  • Hamburger socks
  • Choice of two sets of earrings
  • Two choices of decomegane (decorative glasses)
  • Two apple nail seal sets
  • One lip balm
  • One each of Poiful, Ramune candy, and Koala march

SECOND PRIZE (3 recipients):

  • Choice of one ROCK&READ magazine
  • Choice of two sets of earrings
  • Choice of one Disney piercing
  • Choice of one decomegane (decorative glasses)
  • Choice of deluxe nail seal set
  • Choice of one canvas pouch
  • One lip balm
  • One each of Poiful, Ramune candy, and Koala march

THIRD PRIZE (3 recipients):

  • One copy of KERA magazine (June 2014 issue)
  • Choice of one set of earrings
  • Choice of one Disney piercing
  • Choice of one hair extension
  • Choice of one heartbeat necklace
  • One lip balm
  • One each of Poiful, Ramune candy, and Koala march


  • You must be following fuckyeahasanuma - will be verified.
  • Reblogs and likes both count; you may reblog and like up to three times each maximum - will be verified.
  • You must have your ask box open. I will be contacting the winners through their ask boxes; if I cannot find any means to contact someone, then a new winner will be chosen. A list of winners will also be posted.
  • There will be seven winners; the winners will be able to choose their prizes based on the order that their names are drawn.
  • Winners will be chosen via
  • Contest will open on May 1 2014 18:00 Japan time and close on June 20 2014, 20:00 Japan timeWinners will be notified within 2 hours of the official contest closing announcement. Each winner will have 48 hours to respond to the message, and if there is no response within that time, then a new winner will be chosen.

All prizes are newly bought, with no marks or flaws. Prizes will ship from Tokyo, Japan.

Thank you once again for your wonderful support, and good luck to you all.  ♡ FYA