• Reita:the moment I opened the door, a cicada came in and I'm panicking big time...
  • Reita:the cicada flying around the room...
  • me holding a small box and stooping with my body half bent, ready to get him...
  • Aoi:yeh yeh, you're so cute ┐(´-`)┌
  • Reita:well, if it was you, you'd be screaming, wouldn't you? (lol)
  • Aoi:you're retweeting like real fast, aren't you? ┐(´-`)┌
  • Reita:we're a team, aren't we?
  • Aoi:I can't quite think of a good comeback so I'm gonna go to sleep(_・ω・)_バァン
  • Aoi:you should eat it, you know, like that image we have at LIVES or our photoshoots (_・ω・)_バァン…
  • Reita:that is SO not my image!
  • Aoi:10 ^ 64 is called 'fukashigi' ("can't even be conceived of")
  • 10 ^ 68 is called 'muryoutaisu' ("immeasurably large number")
  • it just feels like they gave up counting and I'm really cracking up!
  • good night!
  • Aoi:well, even elementary school kids know how to count to ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred million, trillion, ten quadrillion, hundred quintillion but it's like they felt like anything beyond that point was just a pain in the ass and they didn't tell us which is a shame cause I really liked that topic.
  • good night...and sweet dreams.
  • Reita:it was delicious. anyway, lately we've been so busy that I don't have enough tiiime. today was also quite busy.
  • Aoi:Σ(OωO ) are you seriooouuus? stay away from me.
  • Aoi:well, I guess every band needs at least one weirdo, you know, to mix things up, give it some life and spirit. but I mean, I'm everbody's Aoi-San and I have the responsibility to accept all your love so I can't do anything like that. will the cosplayers among you put some kinda cicada-looking remains on the side of their mouths for the next LIVE? ah, it's not easy, is it~.
  • good night!

Ruki: we’re always kinda halloween! and we’re a band that basically never does any events or stuff so I really look forward to this. we’re not just gonna cosplay, we’re gonna go all out ✡
Ruki: also, the Yoyogi DVD comes in 3 different types so you guys just get the one you like, ok? if you’re a really hard core fan the LP-size first edition is for you, if you’re like “I’m fine with just the video!” you should get the regular one, and if you want a really clear image quality go with the BluRay one. the jacket will be the completed form of the linked jacket we’ve been using since DOGMA.

Ruki: RAJIGAZE is on tonight at 2 a.m., with RUKI and Kai!
InterFM897 「ラジガゼ~RADIO the GazettE〜」
every friday 2 a.m. - 3 a.m.
click here for program HP ▷

k, if you wanna take a nap, now is the time

Aoi: I’m totally going as a pumpkin 🎃
even if it’s just the pants, I’m gonna be a pumpkin 🎃
Aoi: prince pumpkin pants? there are already enough princes in the world*, if I become one too, that’s one too manyー.
in our world it’s important to have a balance of demand and supply. but with these tickets we won’t be able to keep a balance between demand and supply. cause it’s our first halloween show! I’m sure you’ll be able to go if you apply for the FC now?!
I’m waiting for your participation in this war 🎃
Aoi: even though the guys at first didn’t seem to be so into the halloween thing, they were all having fun deciding if we should do this or if we should do that when we had the meeting. even if they say they don’t, deep down they actually love doing this kinda stuff.
oh, and the Yoyogi DVD is packed with the coolest GazettE EVER! sorry to keep you waiting so long but trust me, it’s worth it 🤘
Aoi: eh? everyone’s coming to the halloween show in their everyday clothes? no way…haha…
I’m waiting for fishnet stockings, super mini skirts and amazing boobs! :3=======D
Aoi: the

Reita: RAJIGAZE starts at 2 a.m.! would be nice if you could listen to it!
thanks to this program, even I - who normally has no sense of week days, have actually become aware of when a week has gone by. and a week goes by way too quickly.
Aoi: sorry for tweeting this late at night but…
typhoon no. 10 - LIONROCK
judging from the name, it must be strong. everyone, be careful.
Fan: R-San, this one, this one, this oooone~~~~😍 (image)
rad_market: ah, good old times
Aoi: good evening, R-San. the Aoi version of this photo (the actual, original photo, no touch-up) is decorating the parlor at my parent’s house and every year starting already from the very beginning of the new year it gets really awkard…
Aoi: is RAJIGAZE oveeer? yeh, well. let’s just do the show with the guys that can talk. they’re so much fun, aren’t they ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)
Aoi: Ruki and I don’t get along so we’d never be on the show together. we wouldn’t be able to talk with each other, we’d just act like cats and  dogs. **
Aoi: that being said, listen to the next one as well, ok? ☆
good night!

*There’s kind of a trend with young male athlethes, they’re being called “one characteristic of the athelte + 王子 (prince)”. It all began with a young golf player who has a shy smile. He was called Hanikami Ōjo (Shy Prince). Then came a young baseball player who always pitched with a handkerchief in his pocket. He always gentlemanly wiped the sweat off his forehead with a hanky, not with his sleeves like the other kids so he was called Hankachi Ōji (handkerchief prince). And after that, every up-and-coming young athlete became some kind of prince. Like recently, there’s a gymnast called Hineri Ōjo (Twist Prince) cause he twists a lot, and a wrestler called Macaron Ōjo (Macaron Prince) cause he likes to eat macarons. So, Aoi is saying there are already enough princes in the world.
**Literally, he said something about them mounting each other and picking fleas, Idk >_<   

  • Aoi:DAM! DAM! DAM!*
  • Aoi:ah, I wanna play basket ball.
  • Aoi:my specialty is wiping the sweat off my face with my uniform while hitting the ball. yes!
  • Aoi:I'm gonna dunk into your hearts! 🏀
  • Aoi:steal your insecurity!
  • Aoi:do a layup on the girl I have a crush on ! !
  • basket ball seems like fuuun 🏀
  • Aoi:hmm, I only played basket ball in P.E. classes when I was in middle school but it seems to be popular (with the ladies), right? I was a member of the baseball club so I only ever got really excited and played with enthusiasm when the girls volleyball club or the girls ballet club was running. but still I will never forget that summer when I was chasing the white ball. I hardly ever went to participate in club activities so I don't really have any memories but it was fun. ah, youth.
  • *sound of a ball dribbling

Just a quick thank you to everyone!

I appreciate all the people who enjoy the content I share, and continue to support this page. I wouldn’t be here without all of you, and you are very appreciated.

Much love,
- Avenues Of Inspiration

  • Aoi:alriiight, I'm gonna find an answer to one of your concerns. is there something you have on your mind?
  • Aoi:I said just one and you guys are rambling on and on about all sorts of random things ┐(´-`)┌
  • Aoi:you know, I'm so good I'd even shock Shōtoku Taishi* so if you leave it to me, it'd go kinda like this:
  • my hand has healed, I can't go out cause a bald guy forbids me to, a secret hideout is secret, I like low-budget movies**, I wanna know the salesmanship of a band, don't eat cicadas, summer is hot that's why, my underwear has a really awesome pattern, about a new song or something, Ruki will let you know at the end of the month so please look forward to it!
  • I forgot the rest!
  • Aoi:we'll continue on RAJIGAZE! so, who's on next?
  • someone said that I'm not on it so much but we decided to settle who'll be on the show next by drawing lots so it can't be helped, you know?
  • it's a fair way to decide it so I can't twist or bend it.
  • actually, I could also tie up the director and just give cues but my voice wouldn't even be heard so I guess, it's too much trouble to even bother.
  • *Shōtoku Taishi was a Japanese prince who is said to have once listened to eight persons simultaneously pleading to him and to have understood every word. After Aoi said that he wanted to answer one of the concerns of the fans they started asking all sorts of things (like if his hand was feeling better, what color his underwear was, where the secret hideout was or what announcement Ruki was tweeting about earlier, etc.) so he answered them all in one go.
  • **I think, he's talking about adult movies but I'm not sure.