‘Till We Meet Again - Character outfit sheet
I put this thing together to maybe give people reading TWMA a little visual on what the characters look like throughout the story. You’ll probably notice Anna looks a little older by the end. Keep in mind this story spans years.

TWMA is a Frozen AU,1940’s setting, KristAnna-centric fanfiction written by feistypaants​.

You can read the fanfic here
You can view a larger version of the images here


Preeeeetty sure she’d be tired, what with freezing a fjord, running up a mountain, building a castle, being imprisoned, experiencing emotional turmoil, etc. etc.

(Parks and Rec meets Frozen x)


Halloween Icons Edits Part 1 – “Classic Costumes”

Click each princess to see what they’re dressed as. Feel free to use but please dont claim as your own.