Shinhwa Members to Me:

I love them. I have a friend who loves Exile and Shinhwa is basically my Exile in a way. Mainly because of their age….

But I love them. The first Shinhwa song I heard was Perfect Man (thank you Attack of the Pin Up Boys) and I had to know them. Because my kpop friends don’t really follow them I can rarely express my love for them. Which I don’t mind, I still randomly sing (mumble and make up lyrics for non english lines) their songs. Even if they don’t know it. Back to Shinhwa— I just love them. They are the original Super Junior. A group filled with different personalities and jokesters. And just like SuJu they had some power over SM employees, mainly their manager. Like if you don’t know them watch Shinhwa Broadcast. That is 100% (maybe 95%) them because these amazing fuckers don’t know how to pretend for the camera. Espically when it comes to variety shows.

Their music is da bomb. Like if you don’t listen to them yet then you should. LIKE NOW.


Eric - The hot teddy bear. (Wow that sounds weird.) Like seems like such a softie, an awkward one but still. A softie. He is the leader and knows how to control the group well. When it comes to work, otherwise he seems like an overgrown shy kid who demands love from his members. Ugh, I want to say so much more on him. Like how he loves his puppy and gets lonely easily. Or how he demands friendship from Hyesung and even went as far as to move into the empty apartment near him to express his desire for friendship and company. Or how he sleeps way too easily and enjoys teasing the others. And how he dazes out and gets confused easily. (Thank goddess his groupmates look out for him because I swear he would be lost somewhere if otherwise.)

Dongwan - I adore the group’s blackhole. He seems like the most studious of the group. Like he is knowledgable on many surprising areas, like on fortune telling. He is such a fail ladies man though, like his level of grease and fry a days worth of fries at a fast food restraunt sometimes. He is an amazing actor and I know he feels upset when he can’t join the others for group activites. But his groupmates understand and has his back so it is ok. I just wouldn’t let him cook for anyone. He seems like a dangerous cook if you aren’t explaining the steps to him step by step.

Minwoo - He is….Minwoo. Idk how else to describe him. He seems so him. His quirkiness, attitude, flirtiness and open personality. He seems like a ton of fun but would also be ready to defend the hell out of someone he cares for or his groupmates. He seems to lead the pranks more often and starts the group kills.  But he does have a soft spot for Andy. I love how he would up the mood in any situation, like it seems impossible for him to sit through an awkward moment. He also seems to not like to hold grudes and handles teasing easily. Like when interveiwers mention his hat business.

Hyesung - The bashful yet perverted prince. He is so awkward sometimes. Like after Dongwan he takes the cake. But seeing him become embarass could make anyone’s day. Idk, it is something about it that makes you want to tease him to see how red he could blush. …No wonder he is the most common target of Shinhwa. He is so easy to embarass. It is also cute to see his reaction to simple things like new games or activites, he just reminds one of an adult who doesn’t want to show his youthful side out of fear of seeming immature. But too late, fans already know that immaturity is a common phrase when speaking of Shinhwa. I know he smokes, and I really don’t care. Just because he doesn’t use it as an excuse or handicap. But I do worry about his health because of his knee seems to get injured too often.

Junjin - The baby bird. I am in such a love hate with him. But it is more of a comical one than a serious one. I love his personality but I know if I was around someone with his personaliy we would argue often. Just because he seems to like to see people’s reactions, need it be pointless arguments, jokes or teasing. Maybe that is why he sticks to Hyesung since he reacts easily. I do see him as a deep thinker behind the playful mask. Just his words don’t always sound clear and understandable when it gets time to speak his mind.

Andy - The sweetheart.  I first saw him without Shinhwa in WGM, and I must say he seems to be the sweetest thing ever. He looks out for his hyungs, even remembering important details for them when they get distracted and play around. He also seems to know he is a charmer and use it to his advantage. He also seems so forgiving and willing to lend an ear to those who need it. Idk, something about him seems so calming. I like how he dotes on his groups and is always willing to brag about them first chance he gets. Like an embarassing parent that we all had who over brags on the littlest thing we do.

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