Why so jealous? |Archie Andrew imagine|

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Hi can I request a fluffy imagine for kj apa or archie andrews where you become best friends And you try to make them jealous so they finally admit their feelings for you.

Best friends since birth. His father and your mother had basically made you guys the power couple since you were so young! Archie and you always were together. His family was your family and your family was his. It was always the big question: Are you guys together? With the additional questions of: you guys would be cute together. He was always there, for the good times and bad. It seemed like the best reason to like him but yet it wasn’t. You loved him for other reasons, ones that couldn’t always be explained. You always believed that he liked you too but he was too scared to tell you.

You walked down your street and down towards the school quietly when you a bike riding right behind you. Centre meters away he rode behind you. You jumped in fright as he laughed at your reaction. He moved from behind you and started riding beside you. You hit his arm. “Archie! You scared me” You exclaimed as he laughed. You looked up and smiled at the red-headed boy who was riding beside you. “So my dad suggested you come over and you know… catch up with family?” He asked and you smiled. “Arch I’d love to but I came over yesterday so I’ve kinda already done my ‘catching up with family’ business!” You laughed and he did too. “I mean like ‘catching up with the family’ dinner? Like you bring your family!” “Oh! Hahah of course arch! When?” “Tomorrow night 5:00?” “Sounds good!”

Soon enough tomorrow night came and you and your family headed over the Andrews house. Your parents instantly hit it on with Fred, but of course that was normally your family and the Andrews family were super close. Your little sister even thought Archie was her brother! You greeted Archie at the door and just like that he picked up your little sister, embracing her and bringing you too inside the house. Although you and Archie were best friends since birth, when it came to family dinners it was a little bit awkward. Only because the two families were telling very embarrassing stories of you too as kids. But you laughed at the stories and ended having a less awkward time. It was a good night, having your two families together again and getting to ignore the sad and scary world for a night. You hoping that the fact that Fred and your parents both knew you liked eachother wouldn’t come up but of course it did. “So, arch you have A girlfriend?” Your mum asked nosily. “No um I don’t. Why? Have anyone in mind?” He asked laughing. “Indeed I do!” She responded and my face went red. She nudged me and then winked at him. He laughed and you quickly got up and started collecting everyone’s finished dinner plates. “Oh don’t worry about the dishes! I can do that!” Fred exclaimed. “Oh no it’s fine! THANK YOU.” You said hinting that you needed to get out off the sticky situation anyway. As you walked into the kitchen you heard the muffled voices of Archie and your mother. “Don’t worry y/m/n y/n always gonna be the one that fits my heart.” He said smiling. Your heart skipped a beat and your mind started through you all these question you didn’t know the answers to. If he likes you why hasn’t he asked you out? Does HE like you? And if yes why hasn’t he left any hints? At least you were happy your mother had the approval!

You walked down the hall to your next class when Jughead came bedside you. “He told me all about last night.” “Did he now?” You said laughing. “And he is so unlove with you that it’s kind of sickening” he scolds making you laugh again. “Then why won’t he ask me out?” You question. “I’m the worlds biggest woman hater and that’s one of the reasons why!” “What do you mean jug?” “You know you don’t have to wait and make him ask you. There is such thing as you asking him! Gender stereotypes much!” You laugh and answer: “Well the thing is jug I can live without him not being my boyfriend but he doesn’t seem like he can!” You both laugh. “Okay so lets make him ask you out!” “How?” You question wondering what plan Jughead is plotting! “Jealousy you idiot!” “With you? We make him jealous with you pretending to go out with me?” “Uh…not me. No thanks.” “No you’re perfect! It would be the last thing he expected!” Jughead groans as you grab his arm and pull him into the student lounge to plan. “Monday morning and we are into action!”

It came Monday morning and you and Jughead walked in together. “Is this okay?” He said holding your hand. “Jughead just make me laugh and smile and then I’ll do all the other work. Follow my lead.“ He unravelled his hand from yours and started attempting to make you laugh. You could see Archie at the end of the hall and you could tell he could hear your laugh echo towards him. You kinda felt bad. He did look kind of upset…but you had to be strong.

What you didn’t know was that this plan was about to change everything including you and Archie’s great friendship.

A/N: didn’t expect it to be so long also didn’t expect to have a part two but that will be up tomorrow xx

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