[ It is absolutely, genuinely, one hundred percent terrifying to wake up and not know where you are. Your legs will cramp, your throat will go thick, your eyes will fly open and no matter how loud you’ll want to scream, you’ll fail. Not a single sound will come out, and that’s the scary part. You can’t do anything.

  Julius’ arms are hooked to thin tubes, and he can’t turn his head. It’s not like he doesn’t want to, but if he moves the nurse that’s standing over him will see that he’s awake. Julius can’t stop staring though. In the bright room she looks like a ghost as she gently pulls on the tubes that’s filling his body with transparent liquid. His throat tightens the moment he realizes that all of his limbs are wrapped in white bandages.

  So, of course, he is absolutely terrifed. There’s no screams. There’s no echoes of bombings. He’s not in the battle field anymore. When the nurse has left the silence that follows makes him stiffly sit up to stare out of the large window. It’s night and the clouds outside clearly show signs of rain. High houses shine against the slight mist. He’s never seen such houses. That’s all there is, high houses with large blinking letters, glaring him straight in the face. When he looks down on the white sheet that’s covering him he sees the pale blue glow they paint him in. It’s beautiful, but he needs to get out of here.

  Right now.

  Julius doesn’t know how he does it, but he rips the tubes straight out of his arms (followed by a high beep sound) and darts for the door with the slight limp he’s forced to deal with. His wound hasn’t healed, and it feels like it’s slowly opening up the faster he runs down the corridors, not having a single idea of where he’s going. Nurses and doctors yell after him as he scurries. The bandages around his legs unfolds and drags after him as he jumps down stairs with small cries of pain after each step he takes.

  People are gasping at him when he finally comes into a larger room with couches and plants and a large glass door on the opposite side. It’s crazy, he’s crazy, but he flies out the door and down the stairs and tumbles down and groans, and crawls until he can pull himself up to his feet.

  But it’s rude, it’s so rude, how a doctor slams his shoes down on the bandages that are collecting dirty behind him and grips him by the shoulder, and finally Julius can scream, so he does.

  It feels like the whole town is crumbling when he screams until his throat grows raspy, and he kicks as good as he can, warm blood running down his naked thighs under his hospital gown. ]

“You have to let me go, I don’t know where I am!”

[ Julius’ body gets forced back and once again he desperately kicks, but he’s so small, he’s always been small, so he feels more like a grumpy kid in a candy store than someone that feels like he’s fighting for his life. He takes a deep breath and gets close to the doctor’s face, having his eyes squeezed shut. ]

“Let me go!”

[ But he’s not listening, and the panic just grows in Julius’ stomach as he’s getting lifted up the stairs at least a meter above the hard stone steps. He kicks even more, maybe even cries, staring down at the red droplets that are marking his tracks, and he sobs. ]


After so many losses, can Roscoe’s life get any worse? As it turns out, it can. Because in this episode, Roscoe starts burning bridges, and loses his only friend in the process

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A: “Hey babe. Already in pj’s ?”
H: “Yeah, couldn’t wait. But I was wondering…” She chuckles, pointing out the poster. “Will I sleep there ? I don’t think my presence is accepted in this bedroom.”
A, embarassed: “Well… teenage rebellion, you know.” He steps closer, embracing her thin frame, and murmurs. “But maybe I can make an exception for you…”
H, teasing : “Oh, ‘maybe’, really ?”

Neil handling the after game press a week after their relationship was outed in public

Interviewer: does being on the same team affect your relationship at all?

Neil: not really. i mean, he is a keeper




Camera man:



Interviewer: did you just-

Nicky: *shipping intensifies*

Dan: *proud of his son*

Allison: *wins a few hundred bucks from Matt for something idek*

Kevin: technically, he is a goal keeper i dont know what all this is about

Aaron: someone shoot me 

Andrew: *tries his hardest not to smack neil with his racquet* 

Renee: *tries her hardest to keep Andrew from hitting Neil with his racuet

Wymack: im not paid enough to handle this 


“ AERIALS “ Photography by Robert Götzfried

Selection of aerials from 2007-2016

Photographer and designer from Munich, Germany. Also working as an associate professor for photography at “Schule für Gestaltung” in Ravensburg.
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just andreil things.

a few andreil headcanons that I need to share

  • neil and andrew watching movies / tv shows and whenever an ugly person/monster thing comes on screen they say “look, that’s you”.
  • and it’s weirdly adorable.
  • aaron rolls his eyes whenever they do it
  • but both neil and andrew don’t even notice it and keep doing it whenever they’re given to opportunity 
  • one night neil has hiccups and like, andrew is slightly amused by it at first ((for as far as sober andrew can be amused)) but then, when they’re in bed, neil is still having hiccups and it really starts to annoy andrew.
  • “neil, if you don’t stop that i will kill you”
  • “you know you” *hiccup*  “won’t”
  • finally andrew is absolutely done with the hiccups so he kisses neil and neil has to hold his breath during the long kiss and well, bye hiccups. 
  • andrew and neil starting to sit next to each other on the bus when they have games
  • and, after the games, neil is v tired and falls asleep with his head on andrews shoulder
  • they’re in the absolute back of the bus so no one really notices (because they all know better than to look behind them to stare at andreil) (they know if they do andrew will send them to hell with his glare)
  • but like, matt is always looking out for neil ever so often so he ends up noticing and he tells dan, who tells allison and renee and well, before they know it the whole bus is staring at andreil
  • and nicky squeals 
  • the only reason andrew is not off killing people is because his bf is asleep and he’s not enough asshole to wake him up
  • but after they come off that bus people will die (sure andrew)

idk, maybe, probably, there are already hc’s out there like this but i’m new and my emotions for these jerks are still v fresh so i needed to get this out there.

anonymous asked:

whenever i'm sad i think about how tiny andrew is and then everything is ok

omg dude yes he is so smol. i used to be really short (i grew like 5 inches in 4 years) so here are some annoyances that andrew definitely deals with

  • (this ones pretty obvious) he can’t reach things on shelves so he stands on:
    • counters
    • chairs
    • boxes
    • tables
    • tiptoes
  • people constantly think he’s approximately 6 years younger than he really is (he exploits this into getting candy and things off some kids menus [it’s not really a height thing, the weight staff is just too afraid to say anything])
  • his seat in the car has to be all the way pushed up, and also as low as possible
    • this causes problems since he has to be low, and he can thus only just see over the dash while he drives
    • nicky constantly leaves the seat all the way pushed back from when he drives, so andrew has to move it up when he drives (this only happens when andrew is on meds since nicky doesn’t get his own set of keys later on)
  • always having to look up at everyone when they’re standing (thank god neil is also short or this boy would have neck problems when he’s older)
  • his feet never touch the ground if he sits all the way back in a chair (my mom is 5′2″ and her feet never touch so andrew’s certainly don’t)

but there are also some positive things about him being smol

  • can curl up on any couch and in any big enough arm chair
  • can blend into a crowd very easily
  • perfect height to gut someone who is taller than him
  • also good center of gravity in a fight
  • better hiding spots
  • compressed anger, he’s more of a ball of rage

idk i just love to think about andrew’s height as well :)