Ok, I love Neko Atsume. I believe I’m not the only one.

Headcanon: Anders adds “Sir”, “Lord” and etc. to every cat’s name.
That’s stupid, I know…

Anders: “Aaaww, Mr. Tubbs, you visit me again… Sir Pumpkin! My sweet cutiepie… 7 more photos won’t hurt anyone I guess…”
Hawke: Anders, khhmm… We are gonna be late, you know…
Fenris: …

an anon requested Anders learning about the Tranquility cure and thinking about Karl. instead I wrote this (ok the prompt technically appears in like 2 sentences buuuuuuut…….it’s mostly about Fenris & Anders’s relationship post-Inquisition and after the events described in Millstone)


“What in the Void is that made of?”

Fenris glances across the table. “Stormheart. If I keep it sharp enough, it’ll cut through steel armor.”

“Mm. Still hunting slavers, then?”

“When we have the time.” He sets the blade on the table, the sheath lying across his lap.

Anders slouches in the armchair. “Don’t you ever get tired of fighting?”

Fenris smirks. “Don’t you ever get tired of healing?”

Anders grins. “Fine. Point taken.”

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anonymous asked:

Awakenings companions reacting to Anders actions in DA2?


Also, some potential spoilers for the end of DA 2.

Mhairi: Mhairi is appalled at the very idea of what happened in Kirkwall. And the fact that, of all people, it was Anders who did it? She lashes out when she hears, claiming that he was a disgrace to Wardens and he should be hunted down and made to pay for what he’s done. He should be stripped of his Warden title, he should be sent to the Deep Roads early, he…She eventually deflates mid-tirade, staring blankly.

Nathaniel: When word reaches Nathaniel of what Anders had done, he’s shocked to the very core. He’d never considered that someone he considered a close friend would ever be capable of an action like this. Sure, Anders had been more aggressive with his mage rights beliefs when the two had last met but to come to this? Nathaniel politely thanks whoever brought him the news and requests to be alone. He needs to reflect.

Oghren: Hearing what had happened in Kirkwall was enough to make Oghren feel like shit. Hearing that it was Anders who did it, of all people? Ohgren cursed to himself and immediately went to find the nearest source of alcohol. He wondered where the boy had gone wrong to end up in a situation like that. And he couldn’t help but wonder if, before Anders ran off, there was something he could’ve done to prevent this.

Sigrun: Hearing about the loss of so many living is always tragic. But hearing that the murderer was a close friend of hers, Sigrun almost drowned in her disgust. All those lives, all that potential, wasted! And what did it do for Anders? War, his death sentence, and the remainder of his life hiding out in fear. Well, that made her laugh, at least. He was as good as dead now, just the same as her.

Velanna: When Velanna first heard of the attack in the human city, she didn’t pay much attention to it, aside from the war it had sparked. She spared some pity for the flat ears caught up in it, but that was the most of it. When she heard, however, that Anders was the cause of it, she became near obsessed with hearing about the event; retellings, rumours, any news she could. What in human society could drive someone so determined to help to such a destructive act?

Justice: Although he was pleased that Anders had finally done something serious for their cause, Justice felt nothing but regret as they watched the Chantry go up in flames. So many innocents lost…but the Chantry deserved it. They brought it on themselves for letting the cries of mages go unheard for so long. Still…he couldn’t help but quietly agree with Anders wish that there could have been another way.

“We are not a conversation piece.” (A short story about Anders.)


Anders was not an angry man- he wanted nothing more than to be kind, to be just, to be loved and give love and have love. He wanted to be gentle, but sometimes kindness gave way to anger which gave way to justice. Justice had taught him many things, but the harshest lesson was that there was a certain poetry in brutal efficiency, whether they liked it or not. Anders didn’t like to think too hard about it.

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I dislike Anders as a person but I totally dig him as a character like he is so interesting and complex to read into even though I can’t stand the shit he does and have rage-kicked him out of my party on multiple missions for saying dumb shit. But, oh man, I love him as a character so much.

I really wish more people could understand that difference and appreciate characters better.