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Alfie Deyes and the Phandom

I’m going to get so much shit for this post, but I’m tired of it.

I get protecting Phil and his 7 second challenge or any other tag or challenge he created, granted many, but attacking and joking about Alfie isn’t doing shit.

I get the fact that Alfie never mentioned in his 7 second challenge video that it was Phil’s idea, however it was in the description even if it wasn’t verbal. Furthermore, in the video when he was like “I’ve lost at my own challenge” he probably meant ‘i challenged you to this and i am losing’ such as one would say i lost at my own game of nosies, did you think that meant they invented nosies, no. (Edit: Apparently Alfie did say it was done on Phil’s channel so no i don’t get your issue)

Secondly, that fucking sand video, he credited Phil verbally and it was part of A DAY IN HIS LIFE he literally just played with fucking sand, for like three minute of like 17, get over it. 

On top of that stop acting like he’s a god damn prick who steals everything, he’s not. Don’t fucking act like you know him, not that i do in any way but at least i have watched his content and have a vague idea of his personality formed by my own knowledge without the input of others,  and judge him based on someone else’s thoughts. 

If you think Alfie is a copycat because of the style of his book, similar to the wreck it journal, than you haven’t really heard about his book. He thought out each page, and he developed an app for it as well. Also, that is probably the type of book his contract allowed him to create, most likely unlike Zoe’s.

And it’s not just Alfie who hasn’t credited Phil, Tyler did the tumblr tag and no one bitched that he didn’t even link to Phil’s video from a year prior. Felix and Marzia have also done it without any verbal credit and got millions of views, much more than Phil’s and no one bitched. Many youtubers have used Phil’s ideas and creations without crediting,so why hate Alfie?

I understand that you may not like alfie or his content, but there is no need to hate on him on the internet for that, keep it to yourself, please

Dan and Phil are both old enough to defend themselves (and even though Phil doesn’t like to have a confrontation he very well can, even if he won’t Dan would), and this is not okay to hate on someone and ‘joke’ about them when it isn’t what Phil or Dan (with his #nicerinternet) would want. (also Dan&Phil collabed with Alfie May of 2014, and Alfie’s seven second video was in March of 2014, meaning that Dan nor Phil held any type of grudge against him, if they got over it, so can you)

By the way, this is what has caused a huge silent war, between the phandom and the zalfie fan base. The words of both fan bases towards the other (whether it be members of or the actual people i.e Alfie, Zoe, Dan, and Phil) are not okay, it is not fair to group up an entire fan base just because many do said thing, it’s not okay to hate on the internet in any capacity. 

Stop acting rude and disrespectful to others in the #teaminternet community, it’s unneeded.

(For the record I am in no way favoring either the phandom or zalfie fan base, i am stating facts and statements, however my opinion was removed, for the record I no longer watch Alfie as much (if at all) anymore and I tend to watch Dan and Phil as much as i breath, i am not blinded by my ‘love’ for alfie, I’m just saying it isn’t necessary)