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  • exo: what is love?
  • k.will: you don't know love?
  • Ailee: I will show you
  • B1A4: OK
  • K. will: I'm in love blossom, i have to go now sorry
  • exo: don't go!!
  • Davichi: don't say goodbye
  • K.will: please don't... bye
  • Sistar: Gone not around any longer pls
  • f(x): : if u go i will get electric shock
  • BTS: No /cries/
  • exo: baby don't cry....
  • B2ST: don't cry on rainy days pls
  • BAP: OMG, I love rain sound!!
  • Suddenly kai picks up k. will and teleport to somewhere
  • To be continued...........
To all those defending allkpop and saying it's their "job"

Do you guys not have any morals?

Ailee was friends with both Residentdouche President of AKP Johnny Noh and VP Daniel Lee (who presumably is her ex-bf) and there were photos of them with her pre-debut confirming that they did have a relationship of some sort with each other.

To think they were friends, do you think it’s alright to screw your friend over like that? For Money? WOW. Depending on who the source was originally from or who leaked it doesn’t matter. You should never sell out your friends which AKP is clearly doing and making it FAIRLY obvious.