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Adventure Time Returns on December 17!!!

Adventure Time will officially return with 4 brand new episodes on the 17th of December.

This will be on a Sunday, all 4 episodes will air on that day.

Check out the schedule listing below with a synopsis of each new episode!


Seventeen: A mysterious knight crashes Finn’s birthday bash and presents him with a dangerous gift.

Ring of Fire: When an old flame comes calling on urgent business, Tree Trunks reconsiders both her wild past and her tranquil present.

Marcy & Hunson: Hunson Abadeer returns to Ooo to bond with his daughter Marceline, but will he be able to prove he’s changed his soul-sucking ways?

The First Investigation: Finn and Jake are tasked with investigating reports of a haunting at Joshua and Margaret’s old office.


All episodes release on December 17.


Yup. This is the extra episode Tom Kenny mentioned at San Diego Comic Con.

And it was boarded by… Adam? Xayaphone? I don’t know

interesting detail in the modelsheets for the minecraft special?

it’s listed as episode 289. however, it was previously stated there’d only be 284 episodes? i wonder what all the leftover episode numbers are. maybe we’ll be getting more one-off specials??? more shorts??? or maybe im looking too deep into this idk

So yesterday I found out Susan Strong from Adventure Time, Pactifica Northwest from Gravity Falls, and Vidalia from Steven Universe are actually all voiced by the same person….neat

Going from knowing absolutely nothing about the next at episodes to them announcing a minecraft-themed episode, the sypnopsis and dates for the next four eps, a t-shirt with some huge spoilers on it, and a title card for seventeen makes me feel like that one gif of the white chihuahua being hit with a bunch of chip bags.