Firsts - Alex Standall

Pairing: Alex x Reader

Plot: Five of the many firsts you and Alex have.

Requested? Nope

Warnings: A bit of swearing, implied smut, written in third person (he/she/they).

Word Count: 1,938

First Meet

She was at Monet’s by herself, studying. Her books were spread out across the table along with her notes. She reached out to get her cup of hot chocolate without looking away from the page in the textbook she was reading. Like a domino effect, her hand hit the cup off the edge of the table just as Alex started walking by and the liquid splashed up and coated the front of his pants, making him stop in his tracks as she quickly looked over at the sound of the cup hitting the floor.

“Oh my God.” She couldn’t help but start laughing, “Oh my God, I’m laughing, I’m so sorry.” Her hand covered her mouth as she stood up.

When she got to her feet she looked up at him, expecting for him to be pissed but he was smiling, “Its okay.” He said, “Its my bad luck, not you. Only this would happen to me.” He looked down at his pants, “It literally looks like I pissed myself.”

Y/N erupted into laughter, “I’m so sorry.” Another apology sounded through her giggles.

Truth is, he was actually pissed at first. He was going to cuss out whoever it was but when he looked up and saw her, he just couldn’t. His anger was quickly replaced with amusement as he smiled at the sound of her laughter and watched as she moved to her feet, apologizing for not only ruining his pants but laughing about it afterwards.

First Date

Despite the fact that the two of them both go to Liberty High, they’ve never actually met until that day at Monet’s. She remembered seeing him in the halls in passing as he did with her but they never spoke nor have they ever had any classes together.

After the Hot Chocolate Incident, before he continued on his way out of Monet’s he asked Y/N for her number. It had gone like this,

“It literally looks like I pissed myself.” He looked down at his pants.

She began laughing again, “I’m so sorry.” Another apology fell from her lips in the middle of her giggles, making his smile widen as he looked at her.

“I think I may need your number for insurance purposes.” A smirk played on his lips.

A blush took over her cheeks, “Oh really?” Her tone was playful.

She had given him her number without a second thought. It resulted in the two of them texting pretty much nonstop for a couple days before he asked her out for that Saturday night to which she gracefully accepted. After they said their goodbyes and hung up, she was more than happy that he couldn’t hear the scream of excitement that climbed up her throat or see her fall off of her bed when she began to dance happily.

When Saturday came, he didn’t hesitate to bring back the old habits of how dates used to go. He was dressed up quite nicely when he pulled up to her house. He got out of the car and walked to her door with a handful of red roses in which he had learned were her favorite flowers over the course of the 5 days prior to that night. He knocked, waiting patiently and when her mother opened the door, he was very polite. Her father tested him with questions like, ‘How old are you?’, 'What are your plans with my daughter?’, 'How long have you been driving?’, 'Have you been drinking?’, 'Do you have enough gas?’, until her mother stopped him when she saw Alex’s eyes grow wide at the interrogation that Y/N heard as she descended the stairs. Once they had escaped the house, she apologized for her father’s actions, making Alex laugh as he stated that it was no problem at all. Her parents watched from the decent sized window beside the door as they walked to his car where he opened the door for her.

He took her to the overlook and laid a blanket down about three feet from the edge then proceeded to retrieve a picnic basket and a lantern from the backseat of his car.

“You’re just full of surprises.” She smiled when he sat down on the blanket with her, turning the lantern on.

Chuckling he replied, “I try my best.”

He had put together a playlist on his phone the night prior, specifically for this so when he started it, she was surprised to hear one of her favorite songs (add that to the list of the many ways he has already surprised her in just 5 days). It turned out, the playlist consisted of all the songs she had previously pointed out to him that she really liked.

Upon her mentioning it, he smiled widely, moved his gaze from the city lights to her, “Surprise.” He smiled, causing her to giggle.

After they ate, he put everything back in the basket then returned it to his car before the two of them laid on the blanket, looking up at the stars, the music continuing. Whispers and giggles could be heard every now and then as they conversed over space and the possibility of aliens actually existing.

First Kiss

Silence had fallen between the two of them after a while as they both stared up at the sky. A familiar tune began as the next song started and she smiled, recognizing it immediately. She turned her head to look at Alex as the first verse started,

'Stay with me, baby stay with me. Tonight don’t leave, me alone.’

Alex moved his gaze to his left when he felt eyes on him, “Yes?” He asked, smiling when his blues landed on hers.

A smile broke out onto her face, “Dance with me?”

“What?” He almost laughed as he raised an eyebrow, “I don’t dance.”

Y/N giggled, sitting up and grabbing his hand, pulling him up with her, ignoring his protests, “Come on, please?” She held his hand as she stood in front of him, smiling.

“Fuck it. Okay. Fine.” It wasn’t long before he gave in, a smile taking over his features when she grinned, gently pulling him in front of his car that was another foot or two away, to be sure they were far enough from the cliff.

'I can see you there with the city lights, fourteenth floor, pale blue eyes, I can breathe you in.’

They were soon in a fit of giggles as they danced in the light of the lantern. Alex held her hand in his, lifting it above her head, spinning her slowly then catching her off guard by playfully pulling her to him. It caused loud laughter to sound from the two of them. It was only when it started to calm down that they realized exactly how close his action had made them and how his hands were still on her hips.

’…. I could not want you more than I did right then, as our heads leaned in.’

Their gazes were locked onto each other’s, the song being the only sound in the air. He glanced down at her lips, slowly leaning in, making her heart pound in her chest. He gently pushed her backwards, causing her to softly collide with the side of his car, her hands going to his neck as their lips finally met.

’… The moon above you and the streets below. Hold my breath as you’re moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin. When the time comes, baby don’t run, just kiss me slowly.’

Kissing Alex quickly became her new favorite thing as their mouths moved against each other’s. Their kisses were slow but cautious, their nerves accelerating at the intimate activity.

First Time Together

They were studying at her house, her parents out on a date night. They laid on their stomachs on her bed, textbooks and notebooks open with highlighters and pencils scattered across them.

“Ugh, Alex, can we take a break, this is starting to make my head sad.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

“What the hell?” He laughed, looking up from reading a page to see her smiling at him, “10 minutes, okay? This is a big test.” Amusement was still in his voice from her comment.

She nodded, setting her pencil down. He placed his highlighter in his textbook before closing it to mark its page.

“What do you wanna do?” He asked, looking back at her.

A smile grew on her face before she leaned towards him, her mouth capturing his in a kiss. He smiled against her lips before his tongue confidently made its way into her mouth. It wasn’t long before anything that had to do with school was pushed onto the floor, her back hitting the mattress, his body quick to hover over hers. It wasn’t until she tugged at his shirt that he realized her intentions.

“I’m ready.” She whispered into the kiss.

“Are you sure?” He lifted his mouth from hers to look at her.

She nodded, her hand going to his neck to gently pull him back down, “Yes.” Her tone was confident, despite the fact that her mind was racing, she was screaming internally, and her heart was winning a marathon.

It wasn’t her first time, but Alex made her nervous. He made her nerves run at high speeds throughout her body. No other guy has ever made her feel the way Alex does. It wasn’t his first time either, but holy shit was he nervous. He already loved her so much and only wanted to do right by her. Up until that point, he didn’t have a worry in the world. Being with her felt right, she made him so happy. He could be himself around her and not have to worry about what she thought about him. He was so confident around her but as soon as those two words left her mouth, he might as well had been a deer in headlights. After things had gotten going, however, their nerves calmed down and before they knew it, every time they removed an article of clothing from each other, it was accompanied by a playful, teasing comment and giggling from both of them. Alex littered her body with kisses, his hands slow as they moved over her bare skin. He made sure she was comfortable, starting off slow and only changing his pace when she requested it.

Their studying was long forgotten as they laid beside each other, cuddling while they calmed down from their naughty activities.

First Fight

Their first fight was nothing more than over something stupid. It was Saturday night and they were getting ready for a movie marathon when a controversy over what topping on the pizza they were going to order turned into an argument.

“Why does it have to be pepperoni? You know I favor bacon!” She complained.

Alex rolled his eyes, “We had bacon last time, its my turn to choose and I want pepperoni!”

“Bacon is better!”

“Y/N, we can have it next time!”

It was then that what they were fighting about clicked in her head and she started laughing, “Oh my God, we’re literally fighting over a pizza topping.”

Alex’s irritated expression was replaced with amusement seconds later as he joined her, “I have never felt more ridiculous.” He stated, their laughter growing in volume.

Once their giggling died down, they settled on pepperoni, agreeing that they now had a funny story to tell their friends that upcoming Monday at school.

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Sending all the love and prayers to Kim Woo Bin

If you watch k-dramas then you might’ve heard of actor Kim Woo Bin (Choi Young-do in The Heirs, Shin Joon-Young in Uncontrollably Fond), who was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer (throat cancer). Please please keep him in your prayers so he can get better soon. Even if you don’t know who he is, please just take a second to pray for him.

Get well soon.