Character design of me for AATR. TOTALLY using my “Muppet-ness” fun style for this OCT. I even have my characters/ storyline about set, and boy are these characters interesting. Definitely going outside my drawing comfort zone. Which is probably the reason why I am gunna try and join. That and I want to get better at comics.

This is still a WIP, but i thought I show it anyway. This was meant to be an art trade for Taco (aka Zombiedogdoes ) but I didn’t think it was good enough for one. Still making an actual one so look out for that (hopefully). 

Here is me, my bro and Taco with our OC’s having a good time at prom. 

Note that this was my first attempt on full digital drawing, so it was quite difficult to draw it. Anyway, hope it’s alright Taco. Really enjoyed drawing your characters too.

Concept art and reference sheet drawings for Artist At the Ready 

I ended up being so busy around the time the deadline was that…I hadn’t even known it started. So I never even drew out an audition. 

So this is pretty much all I have, most of it of Eromaynttsupi and stuff for the ref. of myself.

External image

External image

Eromaynttsupi has 3 forms.

External image

External image

External image

So I’ve been trying out Painttool Sai and have to say:

Pretty damn good.

I love the smoothness of the brush strokes and the cleaness of it. Not that great when it comes to colouring, but I think that just my lack of skills on it. Still trying to get the hang of it, but i managed to come up with this. Lulu and Mera just hangin out. Doing each others hair and stuff (Mera the exception cause her hair is made of fire). Never got to show the older and younger sister relationship these two had in my aatr so I thought I’d draw this. Sadly stuff got in the way…you know real life, time, bla bla bla… anyway enjoy. Zaifon out!