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Hello, this is a completely genuine question and I hope it doesn't offend you or you take it the wrong way. I hear a lot of people saying that discrimination of whites doesn't count as racism. I'm not sure what your stance on that is but judging by your blog title I assume you have the same viewpoint. If this is your view, what is it that makes white people not a "race" hence them not being able to experience racism? Thank you.

This is purely from a western standpoint, but whites are put in a position of power and authority derived from the oppression of other races (e.g the complete annihilation of Native Americans giving them power). Individual discrimination in the US is present I’m sure, but POC are oppressed on a grand scale with a system inherently against them; they simply can’t win. here are just a few examples:

So yes. While individual discrimination against a white person is possible it is not racism. Racism is the systematic oppression of POC, and whites while I’m sure have experienced maybe a small form of what they feel is prejudice, have no idea of the white privilege they hold protecting them from real oppression.

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