his mouth kisses down my chest, tongue teases my stomach
he says he’s never done this before
i pretend it’s not a lie

he makes me feel warm all over, too hot but comfortable
i tell myself it’s just sex
i pretend it’s not a lie

he never kisses me on the mouth
we both agree it’s too intimate
i pretend i don’t want him to anyway

sometimes he holds me in his arms afterwards, fingers tangling through my hair
i tell him he can leave; he says he wants to stay
i pretend it’s not a lie

he presses a kiss to my forehead, lingering a few seconds longer than he should
he tells me i’m beautiful
i pretend it’s not a lie

he lets me stay the night, and i let him as well
we both agree it’s just casual
i pretend it’s not a lie

i see him out with another girl, hand on her waist
i make a detour and go straight home
i pretend i saw nothing at all

he smells like someone else, lips taste like another’s
i throw up after he leaves
i tell myself it’s because of a stomach bug

he texts me, asking me how i am
i know where this is going to lead to
i pretend he truly cares

he comes, he comes, he comes, and then he goes
as our limbs untangle, i whisper to him, “if you want, you can stay”
i fall asleep, pretending he does
—  Anonymous said: Can you write about two friends with benefits, but the girl is madly in love with the guy. It’s been almost a year and she’s afraid to tell him because she doesn’t want to feel his rejection. 
(cc, 2017)

Come On Over Tonight 

by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (6487 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: snowglobe, Friends With Benefits, Smut, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Fluff, garden tools


As Louis reached Harry’s front path, he spotted something curious on the grass, near to Harry’s wheelie bins.
Louis frowned in consternation. Was that…? He crouched down to look at the item a bit closer. It was a snowglobe. Not only was it a snowglobe, it was a Winnie The Pooh snowglobe. A rather large one. A Christmas themed one.

A friends with benefits au where Louis finds out there’s a bit more to Harry than an insatiable sexual appetite.

Tell You Later

Warnings: lots of nsfw, cursing, will give u tom feels

Summary: you and thomas have been best friends with benefits for almost a year now, however he want’s it to be more and can’t find the moment to tell you that.  My first smut so bear 🐻 with me.  ft. slightly sub!tom

concept by Lili (@osterfieldz) story by Zara (@tomsleftbrow)

word count:  2358

key: the first part is toms perspective, flashback,  __________ denotes perspective change

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We’re not friends
We never will be
Because friends don’t do what you did
Friends don’t fuck and then
Fuck each other over
Friends are forever
We are not friends
We are nothing
We’re not even friends with benefits
Because then you would
Have to talk to me
Communicate in some way
And even friends with benefits talk
We’re nothing honestly
We’re absolutely nothing
And I hate you for it
Because in the beginning
I thought maybe we could be friends
I thought maybe
We could be more
Oh how I was wrong
So this is for you
It’s not me wishing you back
It’s not me begging for your love
Because​ I don’t want you
I don’t want your love
I don’t want anything from you
…I guess we could’ve been friends
I would’ve liked that
—  Friends(I know it’s not us, but a girl can dream)