Happy Holidays From B.A.P!

Hey guys, I got a little time to spare during the holidays, so I thought why not give you guys a little treat? :) I was gonna do individual E-cards like a tiny Drawing Request thing but I’m short of time ><

But, I hope this makes it up? hehe~^^ Btw I was inspired by this post here edited by the lovely nana950914 :D

Anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone and smiles to you all~~^u^


BAP Reaction

Anonie Asked:

B.A.P.’S reaction to their crush, who is an idol, saying that he is her ideal type in tv :3

  K-Reaction Marathon Part 1  __________________________________________________________   Yongguk: HUH! I’m her what….really*grins*

  Himchan: YAAASS she likes me too (so excited)

  Daehyun: She likes me AND cheesecake.. we should meet up and have a Cheesecake Date one day. *day-dreaming about you and him*

  Youngjae: oh my I’m her ideal type too…wow (internally fanboying)
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  Jongup:(Decides to see you) oh hey (y/n) um….I wanted to tell you that…hahaah… you’re my ideal type too.

  Zelo: Oh my goodness I can’t believe it. I hope her uinnies and my hyungs will allow us to date. *blush*
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__________________________________________________________ K-marathon might have to start thing in the morning bc I have become very sleepy but have no if I go to sleep now ill wake up early and have more time to do even more reaction.   until then you can leave you request anytime and BAI BAI I AM BABY YES SIR
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