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When G.O. first joined our agency, rumor spread that a very good-looking guy had joined. But I knew it the moment I saw him. The word ‘mischievous’ was written all over his face. Hahaha. I was waiting to see when he would cause trouble and he’s been meeting up to my expectations so far. It’s amazing to see the pranks he pulls off on the female trainees at our agency. Even if you don’t know where it’s coming from, if you hear a scream, that means G.O. is there. For sure. Hahaha.
—  Seungho (My Name Is…MBLAQ 091215)
30 Day MBLAQ Challenge, Day 3: Favourite OTP

Oh wow, there’s way too many ships going on in MBLAQ, but that’s because each of them are close to one another. But I have to say, the first pairing that caught my eye first was…………..

MBLAQ’S VERY OWN, OMMA & APPA! 87-Line! Just look at them! They’re like the parents of MBLAQ! Seungho being the charasmatic-young dad, and G.O’s the beautiful-singing-voice-that-will-sing-their-kids-to-sleep mum! They are adorable!!!


G.O: Others (members) are not interested in me.

SH:  I always think of you. I dream about you when I sleep.

My 87 Line feels!!!!

Cr: alessvilca