Hey! I wanted to make a resource that provided you guys with a guide to studying, the different ways to study and learning how to study as it can be quite difficult to find a way of studying that suits you! 

Different Types of Learners

It’s import to learn what type of learner you are so you can studying in a style that suits that learning type. 

  • Visual Learners - studying is aided by visual stimulus, like diagrams, images, drawings, mind-maps. Learn better when seeing something being taught to them. Find more on visual learning here!
  • Auditory Learners - studying is aided by listening, watching videos with sound, reading out loud. Learns better when something is explained to them verbally. Learn more about auditory learning here
  • Kinesthetic Learner - studying is aided by actually doing an activity, writing out notes while in a lecture, doodling while listening, doing experiments or practical work. Learns better when doing experiments and writing things out. Learn more about kinesthetic learning here!
  • Mixed Learner - when someone is a mix of 2 or more of these learning  styles. They work best by combining the two methods that they are.

I’d recommend trying Multiple Quizzes to Determine Your Learning Type

There’s a list of Study Methods for the Learning Type here!

Taking Notes

Taking notes is probably the most popular ways of studying but there are several ways to do it and it’s important you find a way that’s best for you and the subjects you’re studying.
I have a post full of resources for studying that you can find here

Question Based Notes - These are probably the best resources for science based subjects or for exams that require a lot of recalling learner off material. 
This form of note-taking is easiest to following using the Cornell Note-Taking System as in the margin made you can write out your question and then write out the answer on the other side. To revise your notes you can cover the answer and test yourself. 

Summary Notes - Works best for English Lit, history and other arts subjects. Summarise main events, with key words and brief explanations. It works well if you use it with Flashcards or Mind-Maps to Revise.

Outline Method - This method consists of main points + details which are then followed by examples. This works well with lots of facts or case studies, for subjects like geography and maths.

 Flashcards - Excellent for summaries, languages, and testing yourself. 

Mind Maps - Work well for revision of topics, connecting ideas and quick notes when studying. Works well with for languages, and Arts subjects. 
I have a post all about Mind-Maps here

Other Ways to Study

There are few other ways to study, which can help if you struggle with learning from notes. 

Image-word association – This study method associates words with images. It works well for visual learners. Associate unknown concepts with things you already know. 

Acronyms and mnemonic devices – An acronym is a combination of letters that can be used to help you memorize a term or concept. It works really well if you need to learn something in an order and things like chemicals for Sciences.  Mnemonic devices assist the memory, using a system of rhymes, rules, phrases, diagrams that are like the thing you’re trying to remember. 

Analogy – An analogy is the comparison of two or more things. You can use analogies to compare and contrast specific terms or ideas and help you remember them. 

Teach Others - This is proven as one of the best ways to study. Teach others the topics you’re studying, it’ll help you remember the information. 

Scheduling Study

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Astrology Temples
  • First House:The soul seeks to express itself through the ego and learn about its special features
  • Second House:The experience of the ego through creativity and the threads we can hold in our hands. Finding soul intimacy with material reality
  • Third House:Creating a language that expresses the movement and fabric of the soul through the mind
  • Fourth House:Understanding the journey of the soul through many lifetimes, to acknowledge and recognise the birth of the ego with the birth of the soul at the beginning of universal history
  • Fifth House:The ego learns to express it's 'true self' in this very moment, and acts as a vessel for the soul dance. The ego experiences the delight of incarnation
  • Sixth House:The soul is centered in the present moment. The ego seeks to understand time, ritual, and comfort within bodily confines
  • Seventh House:The joining of male and female (or male/male, female/female) for the facilitation of a new soul to enter. The ego seeks to understand a different perspective
  • Eighth House:Ego consciousness and soul are united, divine truths are discovered. Ego is confronted with the needs of the soul
  • Ninth House:Consciousness seeks to understand and relate its experience through natural laws and the higher mind to generate wisdom
  • Tenth House:The ego seeks to radiate its identity as powerfully and presently as the Sun so the soul can show people what it came here on Earth to do
  • Eleventh House:The ego's identification with the collective. Molding the jewels of the inner world into the outer
  • Twelfth House:The ego seeks to experience itself through the soul and complete evaporation and intimacy into the Creator
  • C.

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Pluto in the fifth house - The Curse of the Creator

“‎she’s mad but she’s
magic. there’s no lie in her fire.”  -

I get the image of the tortured artist with Pluto in the fifth house. There is brilliance, but first the turbulent Pluto sea must be waded through. His creative spirit is phenomenal, and yet he is forced to stare directly at the demons in his mind and body before the genius is released. He is plunged into states of exposure, vulnerability, and darkness so he can tap into his unlimited creative source. The individual’s genuine self expression leaves a lasting etheric imprint on the world, and his legacy can live on for centuries. There is something about the fifth house Pluto person that is unforgettable. An authentic self expression is his greatest glory. Madness or melancholy could be his greatest creative fuel; there is a sort of creative insanity here. This is the visual of the hysterical poet, locked in front of his typewriter and agonizing for weeks and weeks. With shadowy Pluto, longstanding complexes and doubt about his own abilities inhibit and block his grand exhibition. He takes the reflections of himself very seriously.

When he sinks into the centre of his soul, he can produce tremendous artistic form - anything from music, to writing, cinema, and mechanical arts. He may even express these talents manically, obsessively, like he is completely immersed and doesn’t know when to stop. He really can lose himself in art for hours upon hours. This is where he also transcends and finds intimacy with the universe - nothing else exists here except the music of his soul. He can spin human pain, suffering, and emotion into creative expression and distinguished performance. The individual may see his children as fragments of his immortality and the heritage he leaves the world behind with. He may be drawn to work that involves children, especially those who have been abused, neglected, or suffer mental illness or disability. His own inner child feels locked away, and unable to express itself. This may be a result in being told during youth that his love was invalid and his personality too extreme. Further, the fifth house is the playground of delight, and Pluto is intense and without superficiality. He may divulge into life’s pleasures with reckless abandon and enjoy himself with excess. He may take creative illustration and self expression so sternly that he loses sight of the natural delight and laughter it can bring.

The individual with a fifth house Pluto may feel intense pressure to express an art, like paint a picture, or research a topic of delight in a compulsive and uncontrollable way. Children are important to the individual and he takes this role extremely seriously, he can be aggressively protective. Bringing a new life into the world births a new life into him through Pluto’s tremendous transformation, and he believes this to be his most astonishing creation. But this can be a shadowy area too, and an area he struggles with long term. People feel a very enigmatic, sexual, and hypnotising spell around fifth house Pluto individuals. The lure into otherworldly grip with patches of brilliance and talent, hidden some place or another. Finding it takes the pain of Pluto’s isolation. Using it is the elixir of divinity.



Mercury in the 5th house - The Glow Word

I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”  
 ―    James A. Michener

Creative intelligence characterises Mercury in the fifth house. There is a grandiose perception of life and thoughts that sing from the heart of a child. The mind is playful and enjoys novelty, humor, and telling jokes. The individual expresses with engaging animation, theatrics, and artistic visualization. Learning is a thrilling rollercoaster and there is a tremendous joy when she slides through the pages of a bookshelf. She is proud of her mind and speaks with endearing radiance and charismatic command. There may be the skill for teaching children and a great ability to connect with and amuse young people. The words she writes and speak colour the world with her dazzling self expression. Mercury in the fifth is a crayola box mind and the realisation of Disney stories in everyday life. It’s a showcase spectacular of prose and phrase.

Mercury in the fifth has an urgency to express vivid inner experiences with the world. Words and language tend to be a joy, a supple marshmellow, a playground, and maybe there are tremendous talents with creative writing. It also holds a very hypnotic seduction over the individual when it comes to romance and courting. Words are capable of playing piano with tingles up her spine and lure her mind into wonderlands of colourful activity. Intellectual rapport is imperative. Debate and mental challenge are forms of indulgence and energize her spirit. The mind is likely active and relishes when getting lost in conversation and exchanging ideas. She has a tremendous ability to creatively expand on information and speak with mesmerizing imagery and eloquence. It’s like she can entwine language with abstract visions and create a sanctuary with words. It could be an amusement park or a relaxation spa. It could be anything, because Mercury is ultra adaptable.

There is a great need to release the contents of the mind with Mercury in the fifth. She luxuriates in receiving praise for her mental talents and having her intellect pampered with credit and admiration. Children tend to be a focus of the individual’s life, and if she has her own she will like to educate, pass on her love of reading, and encourage intellectual expansion. Maybe it’s also important for her to keep the lines of communication open with her children, and she will prefer to be more of a friend than a disciplinarian. The perception of the world remains youthful and fresh with Mercury in the fifth. Light seems to leak straight from the mind through the eyes. There is a prosperous pursuit for knowledge
and a pastime pleasure sought through magazines, crossword, and blogging. Thoughts are saccharine and seductive, like a honeycomb icecream, and wandering through the company of her own inner monologue is a tantalizing retreat. She holds the orb of sunlight in her mind and rides the messenger wings to warm the world with words,