For the record

People stealing food/ necessities because they need to survive in our shithole of a government: Zero judgment, I’m incredibly sorry you’re in this situation, do what you need to do to survive.

People stealing designer clothes and makeup because you don’t want to pay for it and you “enjoy the rush”: Absolute assholes, grow the fuck up and stop pretending what you’re doing is a “hobby”.

The ‘small but why is stuff so expensive’ haul
Also first time lifting clothes ???

Romper; 39.95
Bralette; 20

Highlighter; 24

💕Barnes and noble💕
East of Eden; 14.56
The federalist papers; 11.13

Naked 3; 54
Melted matte; 21
Anastasia brow pomade; 18
Cocoa contour; 40
Cocoa powder foundation; 34

💕TOTAL : $276.64💕

Here are some more lifting blogs

You’ll notice most of them are labeled as RP blogs. They’re not. Turns out shoplifters are also capable of lying (who knew???)

This is a real subsection of Tumblr, shoplifting mostly clothing and makeup, posting their hauls (and cumulative value lifted), sharing tips. They act like it’s some sort of fun club, but all they’re actually doing is justifying theft.

What a bunch of fucking assholes.

So I just learned about the lifter community here on Tumblr and I gotta say, lifting is like doing coke. It’s illegal, fun, fast, and expensive.

If you’re going to do either know your limits!

If you don’t think doing that next line is a good idea don’t do it. Just like if you don’t feel comfortable doing that next lift don’t do it. 

If you’re going to do it don’t get caught!

k0hl’z warning!

my cousin works at k0hl’z and we ere talking about lp while we were in the car earlier and she was telling me about how a lot of times when people lift the lp and sa’s know but they only take like a pic of the suspect for future notice. she says its because the lp usually just apprehend repeat offenders and people that hit felony charges. just make sure to be really weary while you are in there okay also DON’T LEAVE TAGS IN THE DRESSING ROOM BECAUSE THEY WILL APPREHEND YOU FOR THAT


Needed shorts and ended up doing a kind of big haul oops

Charlotte Russe:
Denim shorts- $24.99

Forever 21: 
Black shorts- $14.90
Blue tank- $14.90
Blue Classic Crop Top- $12.90
Hand W sweater- $15.90

Plato’s Closet: 
Burgundy top- $6
Good Vibes shirt- $6
Yin-yang crop top- $7

I love plato’s closet tbh, they always have cute stuff and, if I feel like paying, its cheap too!

Also in the bottom corner of that pic is a security tag I had to tear apart to get off those demon shorts. Smh I don’t even know how I’m supposed to take off tags from Charlotte Russe, magnet didn’t work 🙃

Anyway, total: ~$150


first tumblr haul. very small haul; petty, really.

five below - $4

office max - $4

ulta - $30-40 (unsure)

michael’s - $4

target (not pictured) - $1

total: $47-57

i’ve lifted before, when i was 12 or 13, and i’m just getting back into it. proud of my small ulta haul, never lifted from there before. i know it’s not as impressive as most of you, but i’m just starting back up. glad i found this community!

btw i was with two buddies during this haul. you know you’ve done good when none of you notice when one of you’ve taken something, haha!


Look at my F21 reviews on Yelp

Ok so does anyone know if F21 dressing rooms are attended, and how many cameras they normally have?

Cause I know dressing rooms and cameras vary but I hope mine aren’t attended and there’s few cameras. I mean, I’m guessing there aren’t really many cameras or at least they’re never monitored, cause if they were, don’t you think they’d pick up on the employee lacking?

So, can I use a magnet to remove tags? Cause some of the stuff I want might have a tag but idrk how many tags this one has cause I’ve never been there

I need to plan and prepare and read up and study omfg

Need clothes like asap