One of the baddest 2nd Gen Camaros on the planet is the Detroit Speed “Equipped” 1971 Camaro rolling on @forgeline wheels. Simply amazing. Photos by:

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YouTube changes policies and terms of service like every other week, how do people keep up with this shit? Pain in the ass…pain in the ass…motherfuck you. “Prinze started with a mumble but progressively got louder sitting with his tablet and phone at a coffee shop.

Beverley was a busy woman, Emmett knew that, hell Emmett liked that, and he could work with that. It took a little finessing and a little help from his brother, but Emmett managed to get on set and waited around for her to finish her segment. He watched her head for the craft table, and strolled up next to her, fighting back his slick grin, “Excuse me, Ms. I know this is very unprofessional, but I’m a big fan and was hoping to get an autograph.” 


It was snowing, which usually meant that Rhiannon was somewhere indoors and alone — rule number one, despite the mess her life was becoming, was still that inclement weather made for a writing day. Still, she was seemingly hardwired to require something to focus these days, so she had a pick-me-up handy. Not that it mattered or had the chance to take its desired effect, because her doorbell rang soon after and she knew there was only one person who it could be.

“To be fair, I’m surprised it took you this long. But eventually you’re gonna lose patience, so maybe it’s just starting to wane.”

Ever turned in bed and slid his arms comfortably around a warm, slender, familiar body and smiled to himself, all but ready to slip back into complete sleep when he realized that A) he was in bed with a warm body and B) he didn’t feel any clothes on that body. He shot up then peered under the blankets – he was wearing boxer briefs, but nothing else, and they were on backwards. “Oh God!” He yelled, “Blythe, wake up!” He said and shook his best friend’s shoulder. 


Kat finally discovered why some people considered her an airhead as she struggled to tie a knot at the end of blown up balloon. She’d tried her best to dedicate as much time as possible to planning Emma’s birthday party, but Xavier was better at the small details; she’d always been into the bigger picture.

“Okay, this is gonna sound really stupid, but babe, can you please…?” She thrusted the balloon in Sloan’s general direction with an outstretched hand. “I should probably stick to the wall design, or hanging lanterns — or something. Otherwise she’s gonna be stuck with a bunch of deflated balloons all over the place. Not really all that festive.”