One of the baddest 2nd Gen Camaros on the planet is the Detroit Speed “Equipped” 1971 Camaro rolling on @forgeline wheels. Simply amazing. Photos by:

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Is there any wonder why summer is my favorite time of year? Just people shedding their clothes and showing as much skin as they’re comfortable with. There’s very little more beautiful in the world than that. I don’t even care that you’re blocking my sun… much…still move though.

Instead of being at a party or on a date, Eli had spent his Saturday literally running around Rosewood, and he’d done so without any incidents, but he’d played it too close and may or may not have trespassed (a little bit) and was now on the run from a cop. He had some distance on the guy, but he was relentless, so he had to do something or else his ass was grass and Dove would be pissed. Seeing someone walking, he took his chances and hopped up and climbed on to the bus stop, over the trash can and in front of the person, “Hey, don’t be scared, I’m not scary, but please save my life right now.” He said as he rid himself of the hoodie he was wearing and threw it in the nearby alley, “All you gotta do is pretend we’re having a casual conversation like we’ve been at this for a while, we’re best friends you and I just hanging out on a Saturday night.” Behind the person, he could see the cop, and leaned against the wall casually, hoping the person would humor him.

Oliver was never not anxious to see Hadley, they’d been dating for almost a year and he still just wanted to see her as often as he could and got a little rush right before he did, but today was a little bit different because he also couldn’t wait to take her mom out and cheer her up. The more he got to know and build a relationship with his own, the more of a soft spot Ollie had for moms in general, and on top of that, it didn’t hurt to get in good with Agnes because he did want her to like him after all. So he showed up to the place she was temporarily stay while in Rosewood double fisting two different types of flowers, pink roses for Hadley, and colorful daisies for Agnes. He had to ring the door bell with his elbow and waited anxiously, not sure which of the Cohen women would actually answer.


Dove had the most amazing night followed by the most amazing morning, and she wouldn’t lie, she felt like a teenager sneaking Cassandra out of the back door because she’d forgotten that her daughter would be coming over today, and she was grateful that she’d at least parked in Dove’s garage so Natalia couldn’t see her car. “Hey, you!” She told her, dressed in shorts and an old sweatshirt from college that she’d thrown on haphazardly in her mad dash downstairs. “You must have been excited to see me, get in here.” She said, and pulled her god daughter in for a hug. Despite being caught way off guard, she was happy to see the girl and she was eager to get the pity party out of the way so her spirits could be lifted and she could return to the happy Natalia she knew. “Eli’s still asleep and I’m pretty sure he’ll be hungover so we probably won’t see him until at least late afternoon.”