Masterpost 02: When Louis protects Eleanor.

So here’s a masterpost of when Louis protects Eleanor, it will divided in topics and not by date.

When Louis let Eleanor get in the car first.

Most of the times that there’s a lot of fans/paps, Louis always let Eleanor gets inside the car first because he knows that she hates too much attention. Here some gifs ;) 


Or when they are surrounded by fans/paps but there’s nothing they can do and Louis don’t stop hugging, cuddling and conforting her. 

Remember in Montreal where they got stucked in a store with thousand of fans in there and Eleanor was so unconfortable and Louis keep kissing and hugging her trying to make things better awww

or when they were leaving the tattoo shop and it was infested by paps and fans and louis put himself in front of eleanor so no one bothers her and stayed hugging her until they get in the car

and remember when they were playing golf and the place got infested by fans and louis gently asked them to don’t take pictures or record anything because of eleanor? and remember that he kept hugging her, making jokes and conforting her? this is so sweet…

When she needs support

louis always support eleanor when she needs, remember when he went visiting her before her final exams and then wished her luck on twitter

or when they were in france skiing and eleanor fell and louis took off his skis only to help her

to be continued…

MASTERPOST: When Harry and Kendall talk about eachother.

november 23rd 2013

the first time harry and kendall talked about eachother was in 1dday when Piers asked Harry if he was dating Kendall and he didn’t knew how to answer lmao

november 24th 2013

kendall was asked on the AMA’s about her going out to Craig’s with Harry. 

december 02nd 2013

harry being asked about kendall on the red carpet of the London Fashion Award (the quality is so bad sorry guys)

december 11th 2013

Kendall being asked on E! News about dating Harry

january 11th 2014

kendall being asked about skiing with harry on fashion police

january 16th 2014

kendall calling harry ‘a sweet’ on Chelsea Lately (AWWWWW)