Here are some Madoka related Patreon drawings! The first two were my raffle winners this last month, while the Madohomu lapdance, evidently a follow up from my older picture, is a drawing for a very generous Compatreon that’s still in the works! The first one is for castellla <3 <3

My Compatreons are all entered into a drawing raffle, no matter how little they’re pledging! You can win a semi-nsfw marker pin up + ^ +

My Patreon

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Just got my monthly shipment of manga in the mail ~ grabbed Light Blue Cinema by Otsu Hiyori, Opapagoto vol. 3 by Shiraume Nazuna and Girlish Sweets by Takemiya Jin! Light Blue Cinema has the best cover ever. It feels super nice ~ 21 Yuri manga and counting!