Born This Way by tsubakin

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Be warned! This is super feels heavy! But ultimately very worth reading. It’s a very moving story about being a lesbian in our current society. At least, I think so. 

Shima from GiB translated it after being moved to tears, so go leave her love too!

And finally, many thanks to tsubakin for letting us translate your work! Everyone, go follow them and leave them nice comments on the original on pixiv!

Figured I’d submit my woof too!
This is Yuri, ¾ borzoi ¼ saluki mix. His mother was rescued from a hoarding situation and was pregnant at the time. Yuri is one of nine puppies born at the rescue! He turned one in January and his Gotcha Day is actually May 9th!
He’s also my service dog in training.

What a gorgeous woof!!! omg. Borzois and Salukis are two of my favourite sighthound breeds. You’re so lucky!

Good luck on the training! I bet he’ll be wonderful. :]

Today’s sketches! Anon-kun’s not going to be happy about this! 

Luckily, it’s still pure; they’re just practicing! 

This was a drawpile chat with homunerd and rumiberri but I disconnected before I saw their finished stuff, but when they post their stuff, be sure to check it out! @ v @ <3

woops I tagged it madohomu… I mean… that’s theerrrreeeeee but it’s not really, so woops @ v @