I want to believe that they will comeback as five one day .

If not as five then ,

I would at least like to know that they still contact each other ,

Knowing that they are under the same sky ,

breathing the same air .

Give my soul a rest .

I support JYJ and TVXQ no matter what , 

because , for me its the only choice i have , rather than wait .

Siding was not an option for me .

How can one simply make precious memories over 8 years .Then forgetting them like if they were a dream you only dreamed once .

With all this mentioning , made me realize that keeping the faith does pay off . 

Just knowing that they are in good terms and not in bad terms fulfills my heart with joy and hope.

It would be awesome if they got back together as TVXQ! somehow .But Friendship comes first.

I didn’t mind waiting 5/6 years for them just to mention each other .

And i don’t mind waiting another 5 years for something like this to happen but yet better .

In my point of view the friendship that the five had was very strong . They were like family .

Five souls became One soul ..

I believe in them . 

I will always keep the Faith . Till the end .No matter what .