They See Their Daughter Kiss Her S/O - BTS


Seokjin: Did she really just do that in front of me?

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Yoongi: Did I just see a fucking tongue? Yep, sweetheart go grab our daughter before I do it less nicely

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Hoseok: I suggest you come back inside before I embarrass you in front of your ‘friend’.

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Namjoon: Mind your own business Namjoon, she’s her own person, she’s- That’s enough now knock it off you two!

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Jimin: *trying so hard not to scream* Yeah, enjoy her while you can because tomorrow you’ll be dead

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Taehyung: Ew.. are they serious?

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Jungkook: I’ll give you to the count of three to get your lips the fuck off of my daughter’s before I rip them off for you

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