EXO reacting to you giving them an extremely expensive present

Suho: “Jagi you didn’t have to” He was trying on the jacket you’d given him and looking at himself with it in the mirror, when he noticed the price tag. As soon as he saw the number he looked at you and your smiling face “Please tell me you still have both of your kidneys”

Chanyeol: “A gift? for me? waaaa you didn’t have to” the happy giant opened the box you’d given him and as soon as he saw the limited edition gold beats he’d wanted for months “YOU SRSLY DIDN’T HAVE TO”

Chen: “WAAAAAAAA THANK YOUUU JAGIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” he screamed but as soon as he saw the price tag of those sunglasses you gave him his screaming was a mixture of pain, fear and happiness.

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Baekhyun: “please tell me it wasn’t expensive” he asked as he tried on his new watch and you just looked away while he kept on being insistant. You told him you sold one of your kidneys as a joke “YOU DID WHAT”

Kai: As soon as he saw the new Playstation in his room with a red ribbon and a letter from you that said “Happy anniversary, Nini<3″  he couldn’t believe it.

Xiumin: He wanted you to return the speaker you gave him but he thought that maybe you’d feel sad if he did so “I love you but you should spend that money on you not me. I will give you a much better gift tomorrow”

Lay: You covered his eyes and lead him to his studio “Baobei, what’s this all about?” he asked incredulously. Once you arrived to the studio you uncovered his eyes to show him the new guitar you bought for him. At first he was super happy and he even played a song for you with his new guitar. One day he felt curious about how much it cost you so he looked it up online and he couldn’t believe you spent this much for a guitar!

D.O: He was really happy already having you by his side the least he needed was a gift. You were the best gift the universe could have give him. When he saw the price of that new computer you got him he decided to get rid of it without you knowing about it. He used that money to get you a very beautiful and necklace.

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Sehun: As soon as he heard the word surprise coming out of your mouth Sehun wouldn’t stop asking or mentioning random stuff throughout the week, it was annoying. Finally the day arrived and he was getting his surprise. You went to him, kissed his cheeks and gave him a set of car keys. He looked out the window and saw a black Ferrari waiting for him outside, he then looked at you “Here ” he gave you the keys “You deserve this and much more for being by my side, I love you”

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Tao: “Um….I know it’s Gucci…but…I think you shouldn’t spend this much”

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Luhan: You gave him a soccer ball signed by his favorite team. He was happy but he also wouldn’t let you spend that much money anymore. Letting his girl give him more expensive gifts wouldn’t look manly at all. 

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Kris: He literally lost it when he saw you got him that pair of Jordans he wanted so much. He also felt a bit bad for you spending this much money on things he could buy himself, but since it had been a gift he couldn’t reject it either for fear of you feeling bad. It was an inner fight for himself, so one day he decided to surprise you with a trip to the country you wanted to visit the most. It was only him and you *pretend you’re the little girl*

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