Olympia by the Sea
The dashed ambitions of Brooklyn’s Marine Park. The salt marshes of Marine Park. Photo via There is a proud park on the watery edge of Brooklyn. It contains a pool, a little sandy beach, canoes and kayaks, new sporting fields of all kinds, gardens, an open-air theater, and a playground; nearby subway stops draw... Read More »
By Mark Chiusano

The dashed ambitions of Brooklyn’s Marine Park.


Joshua Tree National Park - California:

Mojave shovel-nosed snake (Chionactis occipitalis)

by NPS staff

The other day, our law enforcement rangers realized they were sharing their kitchen with an immature Mojave shovel-nosed snake, an adult might measure 11-17 inches in length (27-45 cm). One of our wildlife biologists helped transport the tiny, adorable snake safely outside, where it went on its way.

A close-up view of this adorable little Mojave shovel-nosed snake shows the single scale at the tip of a flattened snout. The next scales back, in a pair, are the internasals. Just below those scales (and out of view on the side of the snake’s head) are valved nostrils. The flattened head and nasal valves are adaptations that help the snake move more easily through the loose desert sand that is its natural habitat.

Mojave shovel-nosed snakes are rarely seen during the day. If you were to spot one at all, it would probably be at night, as the little reptile crosses a desert roadway. Please drive carefully and watch for snakes on roads when you visit Joshua Tree. All wildlife (including this adorable little predator of invertebrates like insects, scorpions, and centipedes) is protected by law in the national park.

(via: Joshua Tree NP - NPS)

photographs by NPS/Evan Heck

people don’t talk about ron swanson and tammy enough? like ron was in a relationship with two abusive/manipulative women and is NEVER shown as weak and is portrayed as one of the strongest characters in the entire show. he relapses into those relationships and it is never played out to be his fault or with him as the abuser. I just think that’s really important.

The signs as the Parks and Rec cast

Aries - Tom Haverford

Taurus - Leslie Knope 

Gemini - Jerry Gergich

Cancer - April Ludgate

Leo - Donna Meagle

Virgo - Ben Wyatt

Libra - Mark Brendanawicz

Scorpio - Ron Swanson

Sagittarius - Chris Traeger

Capricorn - Andy Dwyer

Aquarius - Ann Perkins

Pisces - Joan Callamezo