so I met the boys last weekend at the Charlotte airport. I found out last minute when they were arriving and what not so I didn’t bring much or have anything prepared. But, I did take my journal which I have had for about three years. The journal means a lot to me because no one has ever written in it or read anything in it except me of course. I also got the journal around the time when I found out about the wanted. So I took it to the airport with me just thinking the boys would sign their names or whatnot. So Nathan was the first one that I got to ever write in it. We were talking and stuff and I blurted out of random “will you sign my journal?” I told him the whole story about how no one has ever written in it and how it means a lot to me and he thought it was really cool and asked “are you sure you want me to be the first to write in it that’s not you? with all my bad luck I don’t want to ruin this!” and I responded with “it’s not bad luck at all and I don’t mind because it’s you.” So then he took my journal and went and sat down and wrote in it. it made me extremely happy. I just felt like sharing this little experience. Sorry it’s so long. I just really love him.