M.M.C.D.: Prologue

Screams filled the air, mostly of the terrified crowd that had all entered today to see two become one, but a few of the unlucky servants forced to tend to the house at the time.

“HE’S DYING!” Yowled mother

“Why isn’t it working?” Cried a person.

Vincent pushed his way past the crowd and went to where father stood with the monster. This /creature/ was once Victor Perdersohn and Henrietta Perdersohn, and now they were a twitching bloody mess on the floor.

It was grotesque, limbs flailing like a dog that had just been struck by a carriage at top speed. It’s brown hair was thick and tangled with sweat and what seemed to be blood. The only sound it made were low gargles. It’s mouth was filling with thick crimson liquid, and as it tried to spit it out it fell into the puddle of blood.
Vincent had seen the creature before, in the first few tests, but never did it seem so malformed. Before, it had looked like an ugly man, perhaps a side character out of horror novel. But this, this create looked more like the spawn of satan.

Father had injected the reversing drug into the creature 5 times now, but there had been no reaction. The creature had just wailed in pain.
“Can it speak?” Thought Vincent, “Is it aware of what is happening?”
Vincent kneeled down by it and threw his coat over it’s naked body. It curled up in the coat and croaked in pain, hand slapping the ground as if it was trying to move away from the loud noises of the crowd.
“Do you have a name?” Asked Vincent, “Can you sp-”
Father interrupted, “Question it later.”
The creature whined and croaked again, it was trying to say something.
Father and Vincent exchanged glances, and the creature spoke.

“Harper. I am Harper.” It said.

anonymous asked:

Mary Mcdonnell and Helena Bonham Carter

hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS (again true for both of them)

favorite role(s) they’ve played:
Mary: Laura Roslin, Stands With A Fist, Sharon Raydor
Helena: Bellatrix Lestrange, Marla Singer, Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn

role(s) you wanna see them play:
Mary: I’d totally want to see her in a comedy, like, say a guest star on Grace and Frankie.
Helena: She’s done such a wide variety of roles it’s hard to think of something that she hasn’t done yet that I’d like to see. Maybe next time they make a movie out of a Jane Austen book I’d like HBC to have a role in it? She’d be brilliant.

General opinion: I love them both so much. Helena is such a versatile actor, absolutely hilarious, and I love how she just stopped giving a fuck years ago and is now just fueled by pure awesome. Mary is an absolute cinnamon roll and probably made of rainbows and unicorn dust even though science hasn’t proved it yet, and like Helena, she’s one hell of an actor too.